The Big Labowski

Top 4 lessons learned in this film.

"Sometimes theres a man...and hes the man for his time...and I'm talking about the dude here....sometimes theres a man....sometimes....theres a man....awwww hell....I lost my train of thought." That quote, though not exactly pretty much sums up the movie. It is crazy, fun, and has a great plot twist, and is easilly the funniest movie I have ever seen. Somewhat a bowling movie, and somewhat just insane, the cast which centers mainly on Jeff Bridges as "The Dude" is about one mans quest for justice, and a new rug that will "really set off the room" in his apartment. From teenagers, to Porn Kingpins, to ex-vietnam vet jewish best friends, this movie abounds in humor, and just plain old good times. Classic scenes like watching "the dude" cruising along to Creedence before spilling his beer and crashing into the curb are hard to keep from laughing at. Sounds horrible I know, but you have to see the movie to understand. John Goodman steals the show with his performance as the DUDES bowling buddy, and Steve Buschimis small appearence adds more than one might think. This is a real winner....just remember where the wind is blowing for crying out loud.OH AND HERES A SHOUTOUT TO MATT NELSON AND BOONE..EVEN THOUGH THE REAL REASON I WATCHED IT WAS BECAUSE OF NATE AND COURSEY WHO REALLY CONVINCED ME OF ITS WORTHINESS.

*Note-this movie contains excessive language that may offend some, 
yet to some may add to the humor of the film.  I suggest if you
 are easilly offended by language that you find a different 
funniest movie ever made. thats all.