Boiler Room News

Who Are We?

Not much in the news these days. I have added my two new comrads to the Boiler Room Family. Long time friend Bakerman, an Alumni of HPU has joined our ranks as the ozzfest expert. On top of that he always knows how to find the most unusual music. That goes for Willdabeast as well, who is a newcomer to HPU and who has an amazing music collection. On top of that he is an absolute madman, which makes him Boiler Room material right off the bat. We have added several features such as the experimental fuel segmant, and new features such as the Burn out segmant, and the Boiler Room Explosion, are in the works. On top of that I am also working on doing some theme type shows, such as an all acoustic jam, and a Retro show. Not to mention the Ozzfest contest. ????? You'll just have to listen.