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Mdj Studio Gallery

Michael D. Jenkins studied at the University of Texas at Tyler and found art to be his place in life and world.....For more information on the artist go to Art portfolio on World Wide Art Resorces. Viewers and Collectors Welcome.

. Art portfolio on World Wide Art Resorces


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ART-VOLGA Gallery. Oil, acrylic, watercolor painting and drawing, sculpture and crafts by contemporary Russian artists. Works for sale are presented, delivery of ordered items guaranted.


Michael D. Jenkins

1117 Delano St. Austin, Texas 78721

home/office 512-926-6147 or cell 512-577-7295 cell

" Girl Underwater " Summer Fun!

60"x71.5" mixed media on canvas. Red headed female swiming under water in swmming pool.Summer Fun! Property of the City of Mesquite, Texas. ALL RIGHT RESERVED AND COPY WRITED. (c)


Art Gallery

" Balck Magic Woman "

54"x78" 2001,Mixed on canvas Taken from the song by the band The Troggs in the 60s and inspired by a Wiccan witch in East Texas. Depecting verious tools and spell making. Price of this painting. $1000.00 U.S. reduced 1/2 price. Order this orginal today!



" Texas, The Land "

Artist: Michael Jenkins, Mdj Studio Austin, Texas Title: "Texas, The Land"
Year Created: 1996
Medium: Mixed Media
Width: 77 inches
Height: 42 inches
Theme: Abstract
Price: US$ 1000.00
€: 1108.00
UK £: 683.00
¥en: 128106.00
Description: Abstract of land and resorce forms belonging to Texas. Texas Flag in background




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Artist now currently working in Austin, Texas.


Born in Fort Worth, Texas on July 29th 1952 to Margie R. Sumrall and Don H. Jenkins.
Educated at the University of Texas at Tyler 1992 to 1997. Majored in fine art and astronomany.
Entered into verious grade schools due to parents moving from California, New Mexico to Texas alot. Attended Mesquite High School from 1965 to 1969.
Entered United States Air Force upon short visit to Detroit, Michigan 1969 to 1970 during VeitNam war.
Entered Law Enforcement in Texas in 1974 to 1976 while attending El Centro Junior College in Dallas, Texas. The Artis later came back to Dallas/Mesquite to attend Eastfield Junior College to study under Kathy Windrow 1993 to 1994.
Held verious employment from 1976 to 1985 where a twinty year Interterm took place in the artist education.
Moved to Los Angeles/Santa Anna in 1985 to 1986 were production of gift cards were produced for The Mother of Tammy Sue Bragwin and EZ Bragwin during the Christmas season.
Married three Texas women of which Three natural children were produced. Melissa, Mandy, Brandon.
Recieved one step child during second marriage, Jennifer and treated as his own.
Later a young Nataile M. McFadden age fourteen, was adopted unoffically completeing five children to heir.
The artist earler was employed by a department store Marie Leavell's estbalished in 1928 where the artists design was used and applied to decorations and ads from 1988 to 1990. Upon the request and suggestion of the Artist second then exwife, the artist was to return to college. Attended the University of Texas at Tyler, Texas from 1995 to 1997 under the guidance of such instructors as Christ Stewart ( Art history) Tyler Junior College, Jim Pace (2d art)University of Texas at Tyler, Karen Powell ( 3d art) and many others. In 1997 the artist produced wall murals for Hobby Lobby in Dallas,Irving and in Sherman, Texas and taught classes in art skills.
Other murals were produced for hotels like the Hampton Inn West End Dallas from 1998 to 1999 where upon the purchas of that property they were desrtoyed. The city of Dallas tryed to save the art where the Hilton group refused. Other works were produced during the artist career in Wills Point, Texas at the Lake marina in Tangelwood. Other projects were produced for the Bristol Hotels via the Hampton Inn W.E. Dallas. The Artist entered a artist trade through the World Wide At Project with another artist in Poskeepise, N.Y. painting "Our Time" 2000 were he was told it hangs at a High School in that city currently.
In 2002 the Artist's Mother upon illness, donated water color paintings to the City of Balch Spring, Texas Community Center. Upon moving to Austin , Texas the Artist decided to donate and give to the people of Mesquite, Texas were the artist was reared by his father and attended High School a painting to the City of Mesquite Artist Center titled "Girl Underwater" Summer Fun! 2000.
The Artist is currently producing art in the Studio.


Michael Jenkins 1117 Delano Street Austin, TX 78721 United States of America Cell:512-577-7295 Home:512-926-6147 GOLES: To access and implament creative ideas for the betterment of privet collector or companies and their customers. EDUCATION: Mesquite Hight School 1965-1969. 972-882-7800 El Centro Jr. College Dallas, Texas. 1974-1976. 214-860-2037 Vedio Technical Institute Dallas, Texas. 1983-1984. ( Went-out- of of Business in 1989). Tyler Jr. College, Tyler, Texas. 1992-1996. 903-510-2200 Eastfield Jr. College, Mesquite, Texas. 1993-1994. 972-860-7100 University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, Texas. 1995-1997. 903-566-7000 TOOLS: IBM Paintbrush, Ten Key,Word 6.0, Microsoft Word 97, Excel,Windows98, Microsoft Paint Pallet, Qurk, Lotus, Internet Explorer, DOS 5.1,Sony Floor Cam, Magnavox Editor,IBM PC, CAD, Sony Editor. Drawing different media. Air Brush. MILITARY SERVICE: Entry 1970. United States Air Force Na'Trang AFB, Republic of South Viet Nam. (SAC) Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas. Gaum Mi United States Territory Pacific. Discharge 1974 type Under Honorable Conditions early out. RELATED WORK HISTORY: Phoenix Corporation Tustin, California. 1985-1986. Out of business 1986. Shipping Clerk;Production Manager; Advertising assistant to brochures and News Paper Ads; Graphic Designer; Assistant to Video commercial director for Ads campaings on television commercials. Marie Levall, Dallas,Texas. 1988-1990. Visual merchiedise Director and window dresser. Visual Lighting Direcor for trunk shows and runway shows. Company-went out of busiess in 1991. KETK channel 56 Tyler, Texas. 1992-1992. 903-581- 5656. Video graphics operator and designer for television broadcast news, sports, weather and special events. Control booth Operations. Hobby Lobby arts and crafts stores: Mesquite, Texas. 1997-1997. 972-329-6501. Artist and director of wall mural for store Titled "Mesquite Rodeo". Art Department Manager. Irving, Texas. 1997-1998. 972-790-5703. Artist and director of wall mural project for store Titled " Hot Air Balloon Race". Sherman, Texas. 1998-1998. 903-870-6-9669. Artist and director for wall murals project Titled "Sherman 1868" and "Skys the Limit". Hampton Inn West End down town Dallas, Texas. 1998- 1999. Artist of six wall mural projects for employee lounge Titled " Clipboard Series" Bristol Hotels & Resorts. 1 sculpture piece Titled "Four", Hampton Inn West End. 1 Pannel Painting Titled "Southwest Dallas 1858". Exhibitions and Collections along with portfolio can be shown upon request. and


Class Act Gallery Tyler, Texas " Old Man Praying" and "Prince and Princess of Aficra"1993. Calzone's Italian Kitchen Mesquite, Texas."Pizza Time",1996/1993. Tanglewood Marina Wills Point, Texas. Metal sculpture."The One That Didn't Get Away",1996. Bob and Carol T.M. Wills Point, Texas," Paintings "Christ's Agony"and Triptic "Dog Gone","Cat Watch","Go Fish",1993/1994. Karen S. T.M. Wills Point, Texas. Painting," Black Birds"1994. Hobby Lobby arts and craft stores. Wall murals.1997-1999. Mesquite, Texas " Mesquite Redeo", Irving, Texas "Great Hot Air Balloone Race", Sherman, Texas. " Skys the Limit" and "Sherman 1868." 1999 United Way fund raiser for Hampton Inn W.E. Dallas, Texas. Painting on paper,"Just say no Bill".(Bill Clinton,President of USA Fast Food.) 1997. Hampton Inn W.E. Hotel Dallas, Texas. Pannel painting on wood, "South West Dallas 1858" Bristol Hotels and Resorts, Dallas, Texas. Wooden sculpture "IV",1998/1999. Micky in Balch Spring, Texas. Painting on pressed wood, "St. George the Dragon Slayer", The Last Dragon. 1999. Natalie in Balch Spring, Texas. Painting on canvas, "The Last Unicorn" 1999. Natalie Dignham of Germany. Painting, mixed on canvas "Wild Thing" 2001. Kala in Poskeepise, N.Y. Painting "Our Time" 2000 City of Balch Springs, Texas. 3 Watercolors 8x10 and 1 computer IBM paint 8x10. "Balch Spring Community Center". (Donation by Margie R. Bagwell)2002. City of Mesquite. Mesquite Arts Center. Mesquite, Texas. " Girl Underwater" Summer fun! 2001. 2002 donation by Artist to Mesquite, Texas.

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