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In Loving Memory

Celebrating my brother's life and keeping his spirit alive.


This my brother, Kevin. He was a strong man with an even stronger spirit. He was taken from us on March 3, 1999. We have suffered a great shock, and my way of dealing with this loss, was to let everyone else know what a terrific human being he was. My hope is for people to see this and come to realize that life sometimes is so short. It is also my hope that this page will get you to call or see, those that are dear and near to you. Love each day and person as if it is your or their last on this earth. I want people to know that it is alright to grieve and to live on with this person still alive in your heart.

Growing Up

This man that was taken from us at such a young age, was brought into our lives at the age of six. His father and my mother were married and brought two seperate families together. This was hard on them. Four kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. Ages from 6 to 13. We couldn't stand each other growing up. We fought over everything. But thinking back now, we had a lot of good times too. Kevin was interested in everything my mom did. From cooking to crocheting. He followed her around the house wanting to know what she was doing at all times. Then the teenage years came and it got rougher. I had 2 brothers that were as different as night and day. One brother so country and the other a whole lot rock 'n roll. Their room was a sight to behold. There was an imaginary line drawn down the middle, with posters of bullriders on one side, and posters of Rod Stewart on the other. Turbulent times to say the least. But one day we realized that this family was no longer his and hers. We had somewhere along the way become blood siblings. I do not have 2 step-brothers. In my eyes and my sister's we have two brothers that were there from birth. We love them very, very much.


My brother was gay. This shouldn't make a difference as to what type of person he was. But it does to some people. And all I can say to those, is that you cannot judge a person by color, religion, or sexual preference. He loved elderly people. He was very devoted to his grandmother, Grammy, until her death this past December. He was devoted to his other grandparents also. Visiting as often as possible and calling often to check on them. He loved animals. Especially cats. He had a cat that the rest of the family was afraid of. But it was his baby. He loved his nieces and nephews. Misty, Aaron, Amber, Amy, Derrick, and Michelle. Misty and Derrick got most of his attention. They lived in the same city and so he would spend a lot of time with them. They were his heart. He did all he could for them and Misty became his best friend.

Uncle and Best Friend

My daughter was probably one of those that got closest to Kevin. He was 12 when she was born. And to this day he says it was one of the greatest days of his life. He took my daughter every time he could. She discovered through him love for nice clothes, the best restaurants, and a million other little things that she loves to talk about. Their love of the same music also brought them closer. The two of them attended a concert a couple of months ago. Depeche Mode was the greatest to hear them tell. That is why she picked and recorded and had this type of music played at his funeral. She has asked me how she can go on with out him. I have told her that in her heart he will never truly be gone. He listens to her everyday as she talks to him. I say this now to her again....hold him dear in your heart and you will never be alone. He is her guardian angel.

Soul Mate

If you have ever been lucky enough to find love in your lives, then you know what the meaning of "soul mate" is. My brother found his when he was 20. Paul was his soul mate, companion, and best friend for 15 years. They had troubled times, but always stuck it out. My brother at times was not the easiest person to live with, but Paul knew he had a big heart. And sometimes could be so childlike when he wanted something. I don't know what it feels like to lose someone after a length of time like that, but I am sure that a part of Paul died with him. We love Paul and he will continue to be a part of our family as long as he wants. Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. My heart goes out to this man that has lost as much or more than we have. We love you, Paul.

Our Loss

Part of Me

In my heart lies
A very special place,
Not just for family
But also for friends.

We were brought into this world as family,
But somewhere along the way,
We formed a special bond.
A bond that made us friends.

There are many memories,
In my mind.
Some good, some bad,
But memories I will forever cherish.

Physically, you may be gone,
But spiritually, you remain.
You will forever remain,
In my heart, in my mind.
You are a part of me.

This poem and his obituary were written by my daughter brother's best friend.

Uncle Kevin

Why it had to end this way,
No one really knows.
But the love and care you gave to us,
Always took a glow.

I can't believe your really gone,
It hurt to see you go.
But we still have your memories,
They were often quite a show.

In good times and in bad,
Whether right or wrong,
You always knew what to do,
And made us laugh all day long,

I think of you night and day,
Your always on my mind.
I think about the happy times,
The ones you left behind.

I know you're looking down on us,
From Heaven up above,
Still looking out for us,
and sending all your love.

So, I'll wait for my turn,
For my time to part.
But until then,
You will remain in my heart.

This poem was written by Amy Slaughter....she loved her Uncle Kevin a lot.

We love you and will miss you greatly.
Mom and Dad
William, Karen, Sheryl,
Sherrie, Louis, Richard,
Misty, Aaron, Amber, Amy,
Derrick, and Michele

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