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While in the making of these pages we tried our best to think of everyone. But one very important person has been missing. Angelbrat you have been missed so very much,, but in no way have you been forgotten. So sis,, this is for you!!!!!
Angelbrat, we love you with all our hearts.

Now while many of you maybe a bit confused. Please let me explain. Roz, she is the oldest sister, she is a Taurus Next is our own special angel,,Angelbrat. Now Angel is a Gemini And then there is our baby sis, CG66, Cg is a Scorpio.

We all share a very special love, that is compared to that of the angels in heaven. And this is where our own angelbrat comes in. She is always with us in our heart, thoughts and love. Although we seldom get to see her anymore, we wanted to make sure everyone knew our love for her.

We Love You Angelbrat!!!!