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Dedication To Our Special Family


We would like to thank all of our special sis's that have been there for us and we are honored that you have choosen to become part of our family.... As you all have know we have been through some good times and bad, which is the cause of us being so close and loving one another as we do................... Mickie we love you so much your page was so heart filling it touched our hearts in a special way that we will never forget..In our eyes and heart you are our sister...Angeleyes and Red fery yall we owe a debt of gratitude you befriended us from the get go and we will love you for it making us feel wanted ...Ashlynn the baby sis you have a special part in our lives also for bringing so much life back to us......Then there is Pkaye and Suziq13 and Capri and Ms_ladybug that have brought alot of laughter and joy into our lifes...Also to all the other SouthWest girls we love you also for making us laugh and have a good time when we are down and out....Cb_gal and Emmi4me and Ellyssa and Annj we also want to thank yall for the many laughs yall have gave us and the gestures and av's that have brought tears to our eyes from laughing yall are all so special to us and we can not see not having yall around...So are deepest thanks to each and everyone of yall for the many good times yall have brought to us..We love yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!