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There is no other relationship that is more special in a girls life,, then that of which she shares with her sister. All others have there place in her life. But no other is as stong, no force on earth can break.

These are some poems that my sis and i have wrote i hope yall enjoy then as we do the all came from the heart ...


She is my inspiration and hopes and dreams. She lightens up a room with her presence. She is my rail when i am leaning and straightens me up. Her inner strength is one of a kind that will that will substain the test of times. She will be your friend and companion till the end of time ... She was a gift from the heavens brought to me in a prayer.. Sis I Love you .......

Sisters Love

They ask if we are Sisters,, Sisters by Heart We both tell them all Yes,, We are 2 of one Heart

You see we were Angels,, With God up Above When both sent from Heaven,, We were both Blessed

With a Sisters Love


A Sisters Dream

Two little girls,, Walking hand an hand This was a dream I couldn't yet understand

Til the day that I met her In her pink little dress Her kisses from Heaven So young, and been Blessed

Momma had told me A big sister I'd be And oh so proud With these words,, hope ya'll can see

Two grown women Now here we stand This is no dream We both understand...................... _______________________________________________________________

Sisters, Best Friends

Sissy we would we sing As we would run and play

Sister oh Sister We call to this day

We know we are special In each others hearts

No one askes us this question They know from the start

Sis oh Sis,, each day begins For though we are Sisters

We are also Best Friends _______________________________________________________________