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Here are a few of our friends pages take the time to enjoy them as we are sure you will...

To my Sis Roz: I thank you so much for being there for me and excepting me the way i am and still caring when i make mistakes..I love ya sis .. Sis My sis is my best friend.. The one i can call when i need to cry. The one i can tell all my fears and joys in life to . The one that excepts me the way i am . She is a true friend and sister. I will find no other like her she is true and pure in all aspects. Honest and tell me sometimes what i dont want to hear but what i need to hear. Sis I love you ......

My Sister, my Best Friend, my Heart and Soul. CG66. We share laughter and tears, happiness and sorrow together. You are always there when I think my world is coming apart, you are there to help put it all back together for me. I Love You Sis And all the times,, good and bad that we share together. I can't imagine what my life would be like with out you in it. And for that,, I can only thank God for. For letting us share. Something only sisters can have. Thank you sis for what you wrote, it touched my heart like you will never know.

As you can see these pages are about sisters. And the love that we share between us. But, in the following pages and links, we hope that you that you can also see and tell of the love that we share with many wonderful people that we have come to know in vp. We have had the chance to talk to alot of you, and meet you as well. And that continues. Someone very special to me said something that made me stop and think. I had to agree with him,,, it is wonderful to know there are some really great people out there, that you can share stories, talks, laughter and tears with. So, this is to all the great people, the ones that we have already meet, and made our lives richer, and to the ones that I am sure we will meet in the future. Ya'll are great,, and thank you, one and all..............
Roz and CG66

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