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Training History/Training Installations

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To be a soldier in the world's best military force, one must first be subjected to intense preparation and training. All soldiers (enlisted and officers) in the Army, regardless of their specialty or branch, must first learn and master basic combat skills that are fundamental to the soldier's profession.

High school graduates who think that they might have the discipline and drive to be soldiers in the United States Army are required to go through Basic Combat Training (boot camp). At Basic Combat Training, new recruits receive instruction in teamwork, physical fitness, common soldier skills, and training in a variety of basic combat tasks and weapon systems. More importantly, new recruits will learn and understand the role of the United States Army and the responsibilities of a professional soldier.

A college student who intends to become a commissioned officer in the United States Army may either join the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) or attend the United States Military Academy. Army ROTC units are available at a number of colleges and universities located throughout the United States, while the Military Academy is located at West Point, New York. Both commissioning programs provide training in basic combat skills, but they also emphasize a study and practice in leadership. Cadets must continually prove that they are capable of leading soldiers before earning their commissions.

College graduates intent on becoming Army Officers may attend the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia. However, graduates who are not prior-enlisted soldiers and have not received previous training in basic combat skills must first attend Basic Combat Training. As with the cadets in the ROTC and U.S. Military Academy, successful officer candidates must prove that they are willing and capable of leading fellow soldiers.

US Army Basic Combat Training

Fort Benning--GA; Fort Sill--OK; Fort Knox--KY; Fort Leonard Wood--MO; Fort Jackson--SC; and Fort McClellan--AL

US Army Officer Candidate School

Fort Benning, Georgia

United States Military Academy

Director of Admissions
600 Thayer Road
West Point, New York 10996

US Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

Various college institutions throughout the Continental United States (CONUS)

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Alabama A&M University
Redstone Arsenal, AL
(205) 859-0390

Auburn University
Fort Rucker, AL
(205) 844-4305

Augusta College
Fort Gordon, GA
(706) 737-1643

Austin Peay State University
Fort Campbell, KY
(615) 648-6155
DSN: 635-1110

Cameron University
Fort Sill, OK
(405) 581-2340

College of William and Mary
Fort Eustis, VA
(757) 221-3600

Columbus College
Fort Benning, GA
(706) 568-2058

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