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G1 Events

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Current Events

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Previous/Archived Events

As of: 980731. This previous (archived)events posting will be removed on 000731.

COSCOM Alert! 100% Countability. COSCOM Headquarters 0430-1100 Hours
Family Support Group Meeting, COSCOM Chapel, 15 Sep 98 at 1700 Hours
Record PT test, Diagnostic PT Test 14 September 1998, 0600 Hours at the Railhead
PFC Martinez and PFC McKay attended the 180th Transportation Driver's Academy Course from 10-21 August 1998.

Training Guidelines for UCMJ: Classes Regarding UCMJ
Purpose: To make the junior enlisted more aware of the existence,use, and guidelines for the UCMJ.
Requirements: Soldiers will provide a summary of the Article and emphasize the maximum punishments.


Monday 0900-0915: CPL Godsey, Article 112, Drunk on Duty
Monday 0915-1030: SGT Oliveras, Article 92, Failure to Obey a Lawful Order

Tuesday 0900-0930: PFC Pierce, Article 107, Giving a False Official Statement

Wednesday 0900-0915: PFC McKay, Article 111, DUI
Wedneday 0915-0930: PFC Stephens, Article 112a, Wrongful Use Possession of a Controlled Substance

Thursday 0700-0715: SSG Severns, Article 115, Malingering
Thursday 0715-0730: PFC Martinez, Article 123a, Uttering Bad Checks

Thursday 0730-0800: SPC Coke, Article 78, Accessory After the Fact

Friday 0915-0930: PV2 Thompson, Article 134, Fraternization

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