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Boss, Complaint System and Evaluation

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III Corps Command Policy Number 2, 13th Corps Support Command Number 31

Dial-the-13CG (287-13CG) is a direct line to the Commanding General, 13th Corps Support Command. It provides members of this command and their family members an opportunity to share observations, concerns, or complaints. Callers will hear a recording and will be instructed to leave their name, phone number, and a short message. The purpose of the system allows soldiers who are not happy with actions or lack of actions taken by their chain of command to voice concerns and complaints. The process requires communication between the BOSS clerk, and the soldier through the Group and Company commanders.

Start of the Boss Process From the Soldier

Soldier or a family member notices or wishes to voice a complaint or observation calls the Dial-the-13CG at 287-13CG. Callers will hear a recording and will be instructed to leave their name, phone number, and a short message.

Overview of the Processing

G1 Staff will transcribe the answering machine message and then send it out to the respective Group, Battalion, and Company Commanders. The Operations Division's BOSS Clerk will provide the General Staff (G-Staff) a daily reading file, which contains all messages received throughout the evening or weekend. The G-1 OPD Staff will evaluate the urgency of the complaints. Unit Commanders will provide a response within five working days. Responses will be reviewed by the Battalion Commanders and must be signed at least on the Battalion level. Upon receipt of the response the G1 BOSS Clerk will update the medial files and file the complaints in accordance with (IAW) 25-400.

Processing of the Complaints/Responsibilities of the BOSS Clerk

  1. The BOSS Clerk receives and reviews the recording. The clerk will transcribe the call and issue the next filing number. The file is stored in the 13CG file disk.
  2. The BOSS Clerk will call the subordinate units' BOSS clerks and will notify them of the incoming BOSS complaints. Units are to send a representative to the G1 to pick up the BOSS documentation.
  3. Units wil have five working days to respond to the complaint, if applicable.
  4. The BOSS Clerk will file the response with the original file IAW 25-400.

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