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Congressional Inquiries

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A Congressional Inquiry is a correspondence from a Congressman which originated when a soldier or a family member contacted the Congressman for assistance in resolving a problem.

The Chain of Command must respond to the inquiry by addressing each allegation or problem and the manner in which each problem was or will be resolved.

When the response cannot be submitted by the suspense date, an interim response is required. The interim response explains why the response cannot be submitted on time and when the final response will be submitted.

Other special correspondence includes letters of indebtedness, non-support of family members, and General Officer inquiries. Respond to other special correspondence in letter format and address directly to the person making the inquiry. These inquiries, except General Officer inquiry, do not require an endorsement by the 13th COSCOM commander because they were not routed through a member of Congress. Send the original to the addressee and send a copy furnished to the G1-PSD.

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