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The awards section of the G-1/PSD is responsible for the processing of awards for the 13th COSCOM. These awards include: Legion or Merit (LOM), Meritorious Service Medal (MSM), Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM), Army Achievement Medal (AAM), and COSCOM Certificates. The awards clerk will receive the pre-awards packets from the units and start the processing through the COSCOM and III Corps. Units exempt from processing ARCOM are 1st Medical Group and 64th Corps Support Group. The process requires communication between units, battalions, and members of the COSCOM support staff.


The awards clerk will receive an awards packet from the unit. The packet will contain the following: DA 638, Award Sheet, Bodyfat Worksheet for overweight service member, and the Commander's Letter of Lateness if award is not within the prescribed window. The prescribed window is as follows: LOM should be received 60 days before the presentation date; MSM should be received within 45 days before the presentation date; ARCOM should be received within 30 days before the presentation date; and AAM should be received 10-20 days before the presentation date.

Review the DA 638 for Correctness

  1. Review block 10 for the type of award.
  2. Review block 12, if soldier is PCSing there must be a forwarding military address
  3. Review block 3, DATE must be filled in
  4. Review block 22b, date (when received) must be completed.
  5. Review block 23c, date (Company Commander approved) must be completed.
  6. Block 24c (Battalion Commander appproved) must be completed. Battalion Commander not required if Group Commander approved block is filled in for 64th CSG and 1st Med Group.
  7. The presentation date must be completed at the front upper-left corner of the DA 638.
  8. Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score, weight, height, weapons qualification (WPNS), age, and race must be provided in the following format:
  9. Organize the award as follows:
  10. Add the information to the Awards Database, and prepare a boarsheet for the new awards.

Click here or the MSM ribbon below to assist you in preparing your awards and decorations for your CLASS A inspection. The G1 Webmaster extends his gratitude to SGT Sinclair for his help.

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