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hris' bode

...... .......................

"Gaze of wonderment mine eyes find in red
Might I lift cover of distance to see more clearly
Only through soft dream is curiosity fed
But light strikes autumnís sleep so severely
Once and again fire green caresses blue
And memíries of summer whisk on and forever
This forever may be only few moments with you
so stay until smile and kiss become never
Babes will weep and this world will rage
The mind will cloud while sickness does fall
Yet until I awaken you shall never age
though behind fields and roads we become so small
and from time to untime mind and heart will share
conversation with a forgotten voice on the air."


"Green blades lay, tickling at our hands,
and on this hill we listen to birds
recite whistle song.

Breeze whispers to our hair.
The strands rise, listening,
and are cooled by the soft voice.

It's difficult to be lonely here,
as we sit in anticipation
of the sun's orange lullaby.

Its cheek rests on the horizon,
and the sky booms into one giant dome of rainbow
as clouds fade their chalk across the hue.

Her head finds my shoulder,
my fingers trace out paths on her hand.
All eyes reflect the moment.

The glow finds its sleep,
all streams of light drift away,
and day dissolves into starry heavens."


"memories of green sweater
plaid sprinkles of pastel
long, braided hair
and a smile for me like none other

the embodying hugs...
o how my heart tugs
at me to force just another
before the doorway's vanishing

if only I could celebrate every silly moment
and cherish a few minutes of every favorite show

if only I could have the life I used to know
become the life that I now know

but not have to be
all the same.

Perhaps once I could have captured
just a few handfuls of breath in my grasp
that I might pull them out from time to time
and hear your voice

and if the sun could fall behind one more cloud
soon enough to cast one more shadow
I might just touch your hand and hold it soft
where not a one could see

O could I shine a large enough light
around and down this lonely path?
that I may find my way, my life
a life away from you

What soul delights in my every move?
Where has the spirit of Love gone to?
Her step is quick and easy to lose....
The last time I saw her was inside of you

so, once more, I now begin
and venture to search the dreams again"


I live in your dragons.
Fires engulf my eyes,
my ears singed with story flame.
Spells are cast to bind attention
and dark scimitars dance -
hypnotically steadying my stare.

Enemy's ambush planned to perfection,
I'm trapped inside
wondering how it will all work out...
or not.

Pages flip quickly,
the tale moves smoothly
through a fantasy planet
where I lose myself
in deep, mysterious caverns.

No need for a bright room of gems,
or a devilish, tentacled creature.
Sometimes just finding a way out is enough for a
such as myself.

I'm sorry I was always so quiet,
lurking around behind
in the shadows of my mind's own design.

But that's where you'll find me -
moving with you through it all.
The invisible,
silent character,
in every book I read.

In the Distance

You were the most beautiful glow in the sky.
If only these arms could have reached so high,
to all other stars I would have waved goodbye,
and cradled you here in my palms.

Curious, I took it upon myself to learn,
Knobs on my telescope twisted and turned.
The heat must be intense, as bright as you burn.
Then you came into view.

The truth began to scream aloud.
You swirled with lethal, gaseous clouds.
What happened to the softness I had found?
Sweet appearance hid deadly layers.

I still sit and stare from time to time,
but now other lights have a little more shine.
Never in my study did I think I'd find
that you're beauty only lies in distance.