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The Sections of our Department:

Patrol consists of: Lieutenant Anita Davenport, Sergeants Jerry Motley, and Robert Dillard, Officers J. W. Eslick, Nubon Sellers, Albert Gallego, Michael Miller, Kory Martin, Andrew Turner, Dustin Losak, Aaron Burns, and Reserve Officers James Cooper, Glenn Cannon, Craig Simons, and James Karl.

Special Duty Assignments include: Environmental Crimes Officer Jim Turner
and School Crossing Guard Thomas Keys.

Criminal Investigations Section (CIS) consists of: Detectives Steven Schmidt, and Louisa Nunez.

Communications consists of: Dispatchers Kelly Schmitz, Vickie Walters, Danna Garcia, Kellye Dunlap (part-time), Donna Thompson (part-time), Andrew Moore (part-time) and Lucy Sanchez (part-time), and Records Clerk Bobbie Parrett.

Municipal Court consists of: Court Clerk Crockett Harless, Assistant Court Velma Irving, and Assistant Court Clerk Sherri Lawson.

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