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Have you thought of your child as a chemist? An evironmentalist? How about an engineer?
Ask them these questions...and talk with them about it!!

Some things to help you think WITH your kids.

waterbulani.gifWould you like to create a new material. Then, take that materiel and create and underwater city?

waterbulani.gifCrops across the world are effected by weather changes. How can we protect them and control their environment?

waterbulani.gifTell me what an underwater city looks like. What would you use to supply air, sunlight, entertainment?

waterbulani.gifHow do colors affect you? Does blue make you calm, red make you active? How can this be used to help someone?

waterbulani.gifWhat new fuel would you make to run vehicles in the future. What new engine would you create to use this fuel?

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