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The Brooks Family

I have spent ALOT of time searching the net for the neatest Java around. Below are buttons that will open a seperate,small window so you can experience them.
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     I'm Lisa Brooks.   You see me here in an older picture of my family.   They are all much grown since the last time I put pictures up. Here is some more recent information on Keith and I, you will just need to scroll down for info on the kids.
Keith has changed companies, though still doing telephone customer service.  He has also enlisted in the Air Force Reserves.  I haven't seen him this happy since he got out of the regular Air Force  
I have slowed down on my book writing, most of my time is spent cleaning the house and enjoying time with Mom.  
I have updated the information on the kids, as well as added new pictures.  There have been alot of changes around here!

     With 4 VERY intelligent kids in our is a MUST!! Vist Page 2 for some of the most educational sites on the net, along with a few things to help you think WITH your kids.

      Of course, with 4 kids here, a sense of humor is yet another MUST. Hop over to Page 3 and get a laugh check out links to music, animation,games or download files and hear me sing. You can even see if I'm on line at the bottom of this page.
*Also, check back soon for links to other family member photos.

Matt and Christina

Matt is now almost 20 yrs old and has moved out to a duplex in the next town.  It's not a place that I would have chosen, but you know how it is when you are eager to be independant.  He has a wonderful fiance, Christina, and they plan to be married after the middle of February 2004.   :)

Mark Brooks

Mark is now 18 and on his own, as well.  He has become a supervisor for the QA department at the company he works for.  At last measure, Mark was 6 foot, 5 inches and weighed in at 165lbs.

Garion Brooks

Garion is now 16 and driving. I don't find myself gripping the dash or sucking air through my teeth or anything.  He drives very well.
Our last trip to the doctor was for shin splints, they were bad enough to get him off the football field for good.  He has gotten his first job at Brookshires and is extremely proud of himslef.
Garion is 6 foot 4 and 3/4 inches tall.

Leah Brooks

Leah is now almost 15.  She opted not to try for cheerleader, but Flag Corp instead.  She was the only 9th grader to be chosen for addition to the team.  We have seen her perform at every half time this year, what a treat!  
Leah also plays the flute in the High School band, serves as the Freshman rep. on Band Council, and should be getting her braces off early in 2004.

I have checked every link the kids have..they are all age appropiate and safe!

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