TEXAS TRAIL BLAZERS The Texas Trail Blazers show is an interactive presentation based on the Texas fourth grade Texas History curriculum. Early Texas history curriculum features chapters on the Native Americans who lived in Texas before the Europeans came, The Spanish explorers, the French explorers, the cowboys, and the pioneers of the late nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries.

The show begins with a talk about the Texas native American tribes, and “The Friendship Dance”. A class of students from the audience is asked to join Jim Ryan, an enrolled Osage Indian, in this simple, and fun dance that allows everyone in the circle to shake hands. This dance is often performed at the beginning of Pow-wows to introduce all the participants, and can include everyone in the room if time, and logistics permit.

The show continues with talks, and music about the Spanish, and French explorers, cowboys, and pioneers. In the Spanish section students are asked to join the band on latin percussion accompanying “la Bamba”, the well know Mexican folksong. Students are also asked to participate in the call, and response chant “Long John”, a great Texas, African American work song. The show also includes an interactive version of “Deep in the Heart of Texas”, and ends with a rousing version of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain “.

The author of the show, Jim Ryan is a retired elementary music teacher with thirty years of experience. In his career Jim published five books, and Cds of Texas, and Cajun folks songs, games, and dances for elementary music teachers. He was honored to be a clinician, and presenter at the Texas Music Educators Association conference many times. His other conference appearances include; the National Orff, and Kodaly conferences. National, and state Bi-lingual conferences, the Texas Headstart conference, and Oklahoma, and Louisiana state conferences.

Jim Ryan is also well known is the South Texas area as a musician, band leader, and vocalist for dance bands. This career started in 1964 with his first professional performance for the back to school dance at the Randolph Air Force Base officers club. Over the years jim played in Rock and Roll, Country, Tejano, Rhythm, and blues, and ballroom dance bands. Today he leads “The Jim Ryan Band” playing Galas, parties, and dances all over South Texas.

Noted members of the Texas Trailblazers are: Ron Knuth- One of the finest fiddle players in Texas, Ron also plays guitar, and mandolin Paul Kandera- In addition to playing guitar, Paul adds vocal power to the trailblazers performance. Gib Wharton- Known as the wizard of the pedal steel guitar, Gib is simply the best Bob Hinkley- "Hollywood" Bob plays the drums, and doubles on vocals for the Trailblazers.

BOOKING INFORMATION: Jim Ryan 210-804-0687 312 Larchmont, San Antonio Texas 78209jim_ryan@grandecom.net


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