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Body Piercing

Body piercing is like, I guess my hobby. It's my favorite thing on earth right now. Right now, I only have 2 left lobes, a left cartilage, a right ear, my tounge, and I use to have my eyebrow ring, but some bastard of a teacher (Biology and Tennis) sent me to the office. I skipped the rest of that day and never went, so when I went to his class again, he had a security guard take me and I had to take it out. I then got 3 days of SAC. Isn't that the stupidest thing on earth? I was sooooo pissed off. Well, nevermind that. In all, I plan on having a grand total of 19 (excluding many more ears to come) and possibly 20 if I get a Prince Albert (pee-pee). I'm scared of that. My 19 piercings will be: 5 each eyebrow, both cheeks, nostril, labret, Vampires Kiss (barbell through side of neck), bridge (between eyes), a nipple, and 2 more tounges. I am absolutely in love with piercings. I'll get some more pics soon, but for now, you can visit one of my favorite sites, BME (Body Modification Ezine). It has lots of pics and info. Well, that's all for piercings right now.