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Birdman's Birds

Hello My Name is Andy Sanford,I raise mainly Cockatiels.I have Greys,Cinnamon,Pearls, Pieds,Pearl/Pieds,Lutinos,Whiteface Greys,Cinnamons,Pearls,Pieds,Pearl/Pieds, Albinos,Fallows,And a few Yellowface mutations.I have a few of the Lovebird Mutations too.I belong to many Bird Clubs and I Reccommend you look into joining a club in your area.They are a great place to learn about birds,from raising them to taking care of them properly. I am the President of The Triangle Bird Breeders Club in Beaumont Texas,I am also a member of The Lake Area Bird Club in Lake Charles ,La. Please feel free to email me with any Question you might have on Birds or Bird Clubs and I will do my best to get you the information you might need.I highly recommend that you go to the River City Bird Club Website that I have linked on my page. Please check out the Third Annual South Texas Avain Seminar and Bird Symposium that they are hosting on September 16 and 17 in San Antonio. Me and my wife Pam have attended the seminar the last 2 years and we were very impressed with the way it was conducted and the wonderful and Very informative speakers that they had assembled in one place to teach us such valuable information about what to look for in our avairies.I would Highly Recommend to anyone that deals with birds,weather as a breeder,care taker,pet shop employee,are if you just have a pet ,to try your best to attend the seminar.Everyone that attends will walk away with a better understanding of how to take care of your avairy. Thank you for visitingmy web page. My Phone number is 409-982-7404 My ICQ number is 1995444

Baby Handfed Cockatiels

Whiteface Pied

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