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Bill's 750 Shadow ACE Page



My Ride - 1998 Honda Shadow ACE 750

Accessories include:  LeatherLyke Saddlebags, Rifle Classic Windshield, Chrome Horn Cover, and if you look closely at the picture on the right you can see my chromed foot pegs. I've also just added an "engine guard" from JC Whitney and a Hondaline backrest/sissybar.   The 750 ACE is a new model - a so-called early release 98 model.  I got mine in June, 1997.  The bike is very "retro" in appearance; the Deluxe model has very attractive two tone paint jobs and is also available in basic black.  The features that distinguish the 750 from the 1100cc ACE are chain drive instead of shaft, a rear drum brake, and the unique two-into-one exhaust system.  The large front headlight is quite different from the 1100 ACE or Spirit.  The 750 also sports a single-pin crankshaft, for that distinctive rumble.  The bike has very little vibration, and the five-speed transmission shifts easily with a satisfying "clunk", so you know you haven't missed a shift. The 750 ACE has received a great deal of positive press from magazines such as "Rider", "Motorcycle Cruiser", and several others.

One of the problems of owning a new model is lack of aftermarket goodies.  I've been able to find a few things, and the supply is slowly increasing.  JC Whitney's new motorcycle catalog has several items for the 750, although the model is mis-identified in the catalog as a 1997 model. Late news flash: Both Cobra and Jardine, purveyors of high-quality aftermarket accessories have announced they will offer a number of bolt-on accessories for the ACE 750 starting this spring. Jardine will also offer custom exhaust systems. Be sure to check out DonMac's web page in my link list below - he has several beautiful pictures of accessorized 750's. If you want to talk bikes, see me in the Shadow Riders Forum or send an email to

Be sure to visit the new SHADOW RIDERS FORUM

Here are a couple of pictures of my kids...
Jason is 15 and has just completed the test for his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He is also interested in motorcycling, and after he turns 16,  he'll take the MSF course and get a good learner's bike.
Beth (seen here with Scout, the Wonder Dog) is 19, and plans to pursue a career in the performing arts.  She is a very talented singer, and is planning on finishing college and becoming a big time singing star - remember you heard about her here first!!


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Shadow ACE 750 Deluxe Specifications:

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