Feminism Sucks!

Feminism is dead. Oh, how I long to hear those words. The days when feminism and organizations like NOW were worthwhile are long gone. But, for some reason, they still flop around gasping for air. The issues they are touching on now and the "points" they make are laughable.

The big issue recently with the feminists was the Promise Keepers. They're a bunch of Christian men who would like to see their (emphasis on THEIR) women go back to the traditional roles of the past. From what I have seen and read, they are not advocating all women return to life as it was in the 50ís. However, would that be such a bad idea? One of the worst things feminism "accomplished" was the need for two incomes in today's society. To be honest with you, I canít believe these ridiculous women! I would love to not have to have a job. I would love to clean the house a little, watch TV and not have any pressure or responsibilities other than picking up the dry cleaning. Sign me up! Maybe I don't want to sit in a cubicle from 9-5 playing solitaire and pretending to be busy when the boss walks by. Maybe I'd prefer vacuuming, cooking, and watching talk shows. (Although, I would probably suck at cleaning! There is dust in my room that is thicker than the Bible.) Anyway, these feminists essentially forced most women into the workplace. Feminism has also forced many men to view women in the workforce as a necessity. Now when a woman asks a man if she can stay home after theyíre married, the man typically replies, ďNo, woman! Get your lazy butt off the couch and get a frigginí job!Ē The Promise Keepers are telling their women that, yes, dear, it's alright to stay at home. What's wrong with that?

So, with the resurgence of feminism (which is apparently due to the sheer number of women like the Lesbian Avengers at the Promise Keepers rally), I decided to take a look at some feminist sites on the Web. I will not give you the URLs, though, because it is wrong for you to leave my page to visit shit pages.

Apparently, many feminists are still spouting this cliche: "If women ran the world, there would be no wars!" Oh, yeah, explain Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, and Golda Meir. Women in power act the same way men in power today, sometimes even worse. I'm sure we've all had that bitch female boss who acts like, "oooh, look at me, I'm different and original and equal to a man!" She's the one that wants to be president. I mean, not that she couldn't do it, and not that she wouldn't be any better at it than I would, it's just that she's the obnoxious one. Hell, if I ever became president, my first order of business wouldn't be to clear up that "nasty Algerian situation" or even give free cable to every family. I would declare war on Canada for sending us Alanis Morrissette, Celine Dion, Rich Little, Howie Mandel, Martin Short, and Pamela Anderson, and I would force the French-Canadians to speak English.

Moving on, the feminists are also still pissed off about sexual harassment. I'm not sure why, though, because they've put the fear of a $20M lawsuit into us men. We are afraid to even say, "You look nice today." Who knows what unshaven beast trying to pass for a woman will take offense?

Child support is a fairly hot topic with the fems as well. "Men must support their children." Why? Donít get me wrong, I still think men should support their children because it is the right thing to do. However, for the sake of argument, Iíll take another side for a moment. If a guy doesn't want kids, why should he be forced to support them? If a woman does not want kids, she can have an abortion and that's the end of it. The guy has no options. He has to live with whatever decision the woman makes. I fail to see the fairness in that. Sure, the woman is the one that has to carry the child, but she's also the one that can say "no" to sex or use an effective form of birth control. Why should all of the responsibility fall on the man? Hereís the point--Women want it both ways. They want to be the strong woman who can choose to be a single mother, but yet, they want the man to support them. Make up your mind.

There are some other feminist issues that really irk me, but Iíll save it for the next issue.

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