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Reality and the Absence of Meaning

Howdy, my name is Billy. Welcome to my homepage!

Just kiddin'; put your feet up on the coffee table; take a load off; I don't mind. I just graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Hook'em horns, I guess. I'd like to hook a job or a nice scholarship to graduate school at this point.

At any rate, Austin is pretty cool. I find the people in Austin to be pretty cool and laid back. As long as the "dotcomers" stay out of your way.

My origins are Bryan/College-Station (a.k.a Aggieland), a very open-minded and progressive institution I'm sure. Scary town which might be quaint without the college.

While we are speaking of Texas A&M, I might as well mention that both my parents are a part of the grand tradition of ol'ags. My father, Bob, is a member of the business faculty-and the deputy speaker for the faculty senate (a great job, let me tell you). My mother, Carol, is a graduate student in the college of Liberal Arts. As for my siblings (there are five of them - hey they're Catholic), they have strewn themselves about the state of Texas, with the exception of my eldest sister who lives in the state of New Jersey (in the same town as Lauryn Hill! Now that's phat). As for their education, let's just say that they have a total of eleven college degrees (all from A&M), and ten of those eleven involve accounting. You think that is scary? Heh, you should come over and eat dinner with us sometime. Warning: Half the links on this page don't work due to my ineptitude and general ignorance. My apologies.


Classes, fall semester of 2000

American Perspective on Drugs/Alcohol (I'll like this one!)
Marxist Economics
20th Century American Short Story
Spanish Literature Since 1700
Survey of Renaissance Art

Of Personal Interest

My resumé, hire me please!
The Liberal Arts Council, at UT at Austin
Tori Amos and Nine Inch Nails; demigods?
The Green Party
The University of Texas at Austin

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Thanks, Billy