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Jeannie's Scrapbook

Jeannie's Scrapbook

Paul Is Dead

My Butcher Cover

Brian Epstein Dead

Jeannie's 15 Minutes of Fame

John's 'Jesus' Remark

More Paul Is Dead

Beatles In Phillipines

Beatles Oppose War

My Drawing of Paul from middle school

Application of fan club from sixties

Help! movie souvenir

Help! ticket

Houston ticket

More of John's 'Jesus' Remark

John cuts his hair

Ad for "How I Won the War"

Houston concert release

Picture from Washington D.C.

MBE Furor

Ringo has his tonsils taken out

Washington D.C. ticket

Paul & Jane Break Up

Paul Meets Linda

John & Yoko's Wreck

Papa Ringo

Beatles Go Shopping

Beatles Hospital Ward

Beatle Number