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Other Concert Stories

I hope you enjoy these stories. If you ever went to a Beatle concert, or know somebody who did, please send me a story about it!

My brothers David and Glen saw them in '65 at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. The concert was promoted by Shopsy's -- a meat processing company, and since my father was in the food business, owning grocery stores he was able to get tickets for them. My parents went next door to the Gardens while Dave and Glen attended the concert. My mom still says she never saw anything like it. Mounted police were outside on Carlton street trying to control the crowds. The horses panicked in the crowds with all the "Beatlemania" happening around them and threw the police off their backs. Nextdoor, my parents tried to have a meal but the sound of the screaming was shaking the walls of the building.

Inside the Gardens, Dave and Glen witnessed history in 25 minutes. None of which was barely heard. "What song are they playing -- I think it's Dizzy Miss Lizzy?" A girl behind them was so overcome she threw up down Glen's back.

Outside my parents were having serious second thoughts about the safety of this concert, but soon it was all over. David said years later that Lennon was right. A Beatle concert was like tribal rights.

-- By Brian Johnson

Hi! My name's Amparo. I'm from Barcelona, Spain. Do you remember? "TRES CONEJOS EN EL CAMPO, TOCANDO EL TAMBOR..."

I'm 32. I was born on October 1965. My story begins on January 1965, when there was a wedding. At the end of June, they have their first quarrel.

She wanted to go to de best concert of the century in Spain (Beatles concert, of course). He didn't. He didn't like Beatles. He was afraid of her, because she was pregnant, and in Spain then politics was a thrill. But she loved The Fabfour, and she went with a friend...and with her baby inside. This woman was my mother. I feel I love Beatles since then. Their music impacted me inside my mother. I couldn't see them but...I could hear their music, and it was the best experience of my "life" (Ji,Ji). And...that's all, beatlefans around the world. Sorry about my bad english.

-- By Amparo Garcia i Jordi Melgosa

I was 13, my sister was 10 and we had seventh row seats at Atlanta Stadium. The Beatles were performing on second base, and our seats were at home plate. I can still remember how I felt when they walked out! The whole place was mass screaming, boys and girls! The first song they sang was "Twist and Shout". I took a pen and paper to write down all the songs but I was too excited to write. I remember the man next to me had brought his son to the concert and he spent the entire concert with his fingers firmly planted inside his ears! Many girls fainted and had to be carried outside on stretchers and when I got back outside where my mother and aunt were waiting, she said she had to check out every girl they brought outside because she just knew it would be me. I'm 46 now and my sister is 43, but it seems like yesterday - I only wish I still had some form of memorabilia from the concert, but of course I cut every picture from the program up and put it on my wall. What a memory, though.

-- By Dianne Hardin