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Graceland Adventures

WARNING: This page is for Elvis Fans Only!

Elvis Presley was blessed by God with a beautiful voice. Fans throughout the world remain loyal to one of the greatest entertainers of all times. However, I do not call him the king, because as Elvis himself used to say from the stage, "There is only one King and that is Jesus Christ." Elvis was a beloved entertainer, a human being who was subject (like all of us) to human frailties. My intent is not to exhalt Elvis nor condemn him. I loved him and honor his memory. Elvis never hurt anyone except himself. Wish the critics would respect his legacy and give him the credit he deserves. He possessed an extraordinary God-given talent. He always had the love of God in his heart. This page was constructed to remember the fun, excitement, craziness, and love Elvis brought into our lives.

It was always so exciting to see Elvis coming in and out of the gates at Graceland. One night, I (the mother of four children) was hanging out of our car window waving to him as he drove through the Graceland gates. He looked at me, smiled, and waved! Oh, yes, the beautiful blonde sitting next to Elvis smiled also. As if to say, what you wouldn't give to be in my place! teehee My sweet hubby could never fully understand my obsession. Come to think of it I never understood it either! hmmmm..... Elvis was a special person with a talent for uniting people in many ways. My pen pals and fan club memberships remain very special to me. I still have the bracelet that was sold at the premiere of "Love Me Tender." Other memorabilia include, the note he sent me a month before his death, the blue scarf he gave me in Abilene, TX (see photo below) and a water glass and napkin (he used and gave me) from the International Hotel in Las Vegas.

Ok, I'm getting off track from Graceland here, but my most treasured memories are the four kisses he gave me in Las Vegas. At one Vegas show, as I was anxiously awaiting my nightly kiss, Elvis walked over to the edge of the stage, reached over me and shook Burl's hand! I thought what are you doing??? Guess he thought, "that poor guy deserves something!" Little did he know that my sweet Burl had been standing in line all day so we could get "ringside" seats so that I could be kissed by Elvis! Do you think we needed counseling??? hmmmm..

The concerts in Las Vegas were simply amazing. As one woman said, "you can just feel the love in the room when he performs." Indeed, that was true. Especially when he sang gospel music. Incidently, all four of the Grammys Elvis won were for his sacred music. He sang hymns with all his heart, and you could tell he believed in every word, especially..."How Great Thou Art."

This photo was taken in 1985 (I think.)
The cars were still parked under the carport at Graceland. That was many years ago. Things at Graceland are constantly changing. It is neat to return every few years to see what else has been added.

You're still on the page, huh? You must be a fan, too!

We have wonderful memories of our many trips to Memphis and Graceland. On one trip while Elvis was still alive, one of our sons rang the doorbell. Elvis' Uncle Vester (who was the only security at the time) said, "Don't Do That! Grandma Presley still lives here and she may storm outta there and chew y'all up!" It seems she was a fiesty lady who hated being disturbed by fans constantly ringing the bell! So, we apologized and proceeded on to sneak through the bushes and take a peek at Elvis' pool. There was simply no way of stopping Elvis fans on a mission!!


Minutes after this photo was snapped in Abilene TX on March 27, 1977, Elvis gave that blue scarf to me! My three sons had balcony seats for the show. Burl, Victoria, and I were seated front row center stage. (How we came by those seats is a story unto its' self.) Whenever female fans would head for the stage, the boys would laugh and say, "they look just like piranhas going in for the kill, yep, there goes Mama." Poor things they were probably scarred for life after witnessing their mother engage in battle.

You see, some crazy "lady??" tried to take the scarf away from me, but there was no way I was letting go! Never thought I would fight for a scarf, but Elvis gave it to ME and I couldn't let someone else have it! It was MINE, and I had to protect my property. Ya know??? True Elvis fans will fully understand this madness, all others will probably think it sounds nutty. Normal people (like me?) did seem to do some nutty things when Elvis was involved, but it all seemed "perfectly normal!"

"Elvis Presley's Memphis" on Beale Street, February 11, 1998.

Most Requested Photo-National Archives

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