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Somewhere In Time

THE GRAND HOTEL is the setting for the movie, "Somewhere In Time."

"Somewhere In Time" stars Christopher Reeve (a real life hero) and Jane Seymour.

We are standing on the Red Carpet at the Grand Hotel entrance.

Take a seat in one of the hotel's "many" rocking chairs and admire the scenery.

The front porch is the length of two football fields and is lined with white rocking chairs. Guests may read, enjoy a cool drink, or just sit and enjoy the exquisite view! The colors are simply astounding. With the blue water and the myriad of colorful flowers, the view is spectacular! The porch is also lined with American Flags, and red geraniums in yellow pots are everywhere you look. They are the hotels' trademark. The large hotel has bright yellow awnings across the front, and the red and yellow color scheme is quite attractive. The array of colors that you see in every direction is absolutely glorious. The gardens are alive with every flower and plant imaginable.

Burl and Carol on the front porch of the Grand Hotel.
No, that is not a fake back is really that beautiful.

Our favorite movie is "Somewhere In Time" starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. It is a beautifully written love story with some unique twists that keep you spellbound. The scenery is exquisite, and the music is perfectly balanced with the unfolding details. The story takes place at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island. Being hopeless romantics, we always dreamed of taking a trip to visit the beautiful spot where "our" movie was filmed.

On our 34th wedding anniversary in 1996, we took a trip to Mackinaw Island and stayed in the Grand Hotel. The hotel features "High Tea" in the afternoon, and you "dress for dinner." After you "attempt" to complete your five course dinner, demitasse is served in the parlor. Evening entertainment is provided by a live orchestra featuring classical music. The experience of the hotel is very refreshing, relaxing, and unique.

This is one of the movie momentos in the lobby of the Grand Hotel.

Indeed, the entire island is unique. There are no motorized vehicles permitted, so you either walk or take carriage rides. The walk along the shore is quite enjoyable. Waves lapping against the shore transport you on a journey, "Somewhere In Time." We felt like we had indeed stepped inside the pages of the novel as we walked along the water's edge. It was "one" of the most romantic anniversary trips we have ever taken. On our last evening at the hotel, "Somewhere In Time," was the featured film. It was wonderful to be in the Grand Hotel watching the Grand Hotel's famous love story.

This enchanting portrait of Elise represents an unforgettable aspect of the movie, "Somewhere In Time." The portrait holds the key that unlocks the mysterious (and hopelessly romantic) love story of Richard Collier and Elise McKenna.

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