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The poems posted on this page were both written as loving heartfelt tributes to a man who entertained the world like no other. He lives on through his music and in the hearts of fans throughout the world.

The following is a poem I wrote to Elvis after seeing him in concert in Abilene, Texas on March 27, 1977. The typewritten thank you note was posted marked July 16, 1977 (exactly one month prior to his death).

by Carol

A living legend? Yes!
His music brings joy to so many
Merely his name stirs response.

Exciting? Yes!
Watching him brings a "high"
Akin to a spiritual awakening.

Sexy? Yes!
"The Look of Love" is in his eyes
Masculinity drips from him.

Idolized? Yes!
Loved by fans the world over
Praised for his kind and gentle ways.

Rich Man? Yes!
Not a mercenary, but
A giver to all who need.

Respected? Yes!
For his spiritual foundation
And his love of family.

Worthy? Yes!
Because of his humbleness
And his gratitude to God.

I received the following note:
July 13, 1977 (postmarked July 16, 1977)
Dear Carol,
Thank you for your nice letter and the poem you wrote and mounted for me. It was so thoughtful of you. I really do appreciate your concern and loyal support as a fan over the years.
Best Wishes always and may God bless you!
Elvis Presley (his signature)

After his death I wrote the following poem:


Day turns to night
Night turns to day
Elvis turned to angel.

We heard him;
We loved him.
He touched us…

Giving so much
Asking so little
Working himself to exhaustion

Then leaving us
So softly.

As butterflies are products of
Elvis turned to Angel.

Our family in 1987 at the tenth anniversary tribute.

Precious memories of Elvis will always linger in my heart. The excitement of Las Vegas shows, concert performances, movies, music, and cherished memories are his legacy. This page is in memory of a devoted Elvis fan and a pen pal of mine for over twenty years, Lucille D. Mereto of Hollywood, California. She passed away in October 1997. I miss her letters and her wonderful humor. She was in the movie, "That's The Way It Is" with her mother. They were interviewed and Lucille said, "Mother doesn't like it when they film him from the waist up. She likes a lot of action, and I must admit that I do, too. He sets my Phi Beta Kappa key to jangling." Do you remember her from the movie?? Probably so, she was unforgettable. They play a film clip of her at the Elvis Presley Memphis Restaurant. It is my hope that Elvis is singing to her personally now. She would like that.

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