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WILLIAM "Int/Am Ch Kingsheath Heartbreak Kid" was brought back from England with Kathy and myself in 1995. We did this with hopes that William would pass on his wonderful temperament and health, that was given to him from his ancestors. We also brought back JoJo "Plaiglen A Star Is Born" from Scotland, in 1997, to hopefully contribute as William has to the breed. We have had puppies out of William and Destiny "CH TKB'S Twist of Fate", William and Chancy "CH. Goldens Dailydouble at Maile", owned bye Kathy Hixson. And a puppy from William and JoJo [TKB's One Singular Sensation (Star)]. We have pictures of the William and Lanta "Cleavehill Atlanta" babies. Lanta was imported from England and is owned by Angela Williams and lives in Florida. We have pictures of the puppies, some are updated and some aren't as of yet. We also now have pictures of the breeding between Deavon (Ch TKB's Endeavor To Persevere) and Abby (Tebram Star Appeal CD), Deavon being full American and Abby being full English, half sister to William, and owned bye Jim Pounds and lives in San Antonio. There is a place to go to see William's Kin-folk and a place for JoJo's Kin-folk. Also added is a place to see the recent new titles that some of the kids have received. And places to go to see other William's friends and also Williams Girl Friends. Kathy and I (Tarey) want to thank you for visiting our page.

Our Ranch Hands!

Willam's Head
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William & Destiny's Babies
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Go here to see what William says about Cookie Cutters (Don't send any nasty E-mail, it's just a JOKE)
William & Chancy's Babies
William & JoJo's Baby Star
Cash, Cassie & Star Puppy
Another picture of Star
William & Lanta Babies
Deavon and Abby Babies
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William & JoJo Babies 2000
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U.S. Champion Robbie