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HERE IS A SPECIAL PEEK AT MY DESIGN (friend of Barbie doll)
My Design named Ella - #1231/25000 and
My Design named Katherine - #1013/25000
My Design named Macy
Here are my Franklin Mint Diana's to view!
Here are my Vintage Bubbles and Midge!
Vintage Midge and Barbie
Vintage Skipper,Scooter,Francie

Click on the links below to view new doll pics...these are NOT for sale...only for your viewing!!...Enjoy!!!

(click on any name below to view pic)

40th Anniversary Barbie
After The Walk
Angel of Hope (never made), Timeless Series This one is to be replaced by
Angel of Peace, 2nd in Timeless Sentiments Series
Angel of Joy, Timeless Sentiments Series
Anne Klein, Ltd Ed.
Antique Rose, FAO Exclusive
Animal Kingdom, Disney Excl.
Army Barbie 2000
Asia, Mackie Fantasy
Autumn in Paris, City Seasons
Autumn in London, City Seasons
Autumn Glory, Enchanted Seasons Series
Avon Representative Blonde 1999
Avon, Winter Splendor, 1998

Ballet Barbie 2000 (pink box)
Ballet Masquerade, Avon 2001
Barbie 2000 (red dress)
Barbie 2001
Barbie 2002
Barbie Had A Little Lamb, Childrens Classic
Barbie In Holland
Barbie Loves Elvis
Barbie Loves Tweety, Warner Bros.
Barbie Loves Sinatra, Pop Culture Series
Billions of Dreams
Blushing Orchid Bride,Porcelain
Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes 2001
Breathtaking In Blue, Fashion Model 2002 OOAK, $8000
Bumble Bee Barbie - pic in box
Bronze Sensation

Cafe Society, 2nd Club
Calla Lily, FAO exclusive
Calla Lily, 2002
Camelot, King Arthur and Guinevere
Camelot, King Arthur and Guinevere
Cast Party
Charity Ball, TRU Excl.
Charleston, Mackie Porcelain 2001
Chinese Empress, Great Eras
Chinese Empress (Hong Kong version), Great Eras
Christian Dior #1
Cinderella, Disney Signature Series
Cinnabar Sensations,The Runway Collection(White version 2000)
Circus Star, FAO Exclusive
Classic Ballet
Club Couture, 4th Club Members Choice, 2000
Club Couture w/box
Coca-Cola Drive In, Amer. Classis Collection, Summer l999
Commuter Set Repro
Cool Collecting, 2000
Countess of Rubies, Royal Jewel Collection 2001
Crystal Jubilee
Crystal Jubilee face
Crystal Jubilee in box
Crystal Jubilee Pics - actual doll (Debbie's pics)
Curious George, Keepsake Treasures #2

Dance Til Dawn
Day in the Sun,Hollywood Movie Star Collection 2001
Definitely Diamonds, Serv. Merch. Exclusive '98
Degas #2, Porcelain 2002
Disney, Signature Belle
Disney, Signature Sleeping Beauty
Disney Signature Sleeping Beauty
Disney, Winter Dreams Belle
DOTW, Austrian
DOTW, Native American International
DOTW, Native American
DOTW, Native American II
DOTW, Mexican
DOTW, Puerto Rican
Dodger Barbie (new l999)
Dusk To Dawn, Silkstone 2001
Dutchess of Diamonds, Royal Jewel Collection 2001

Earth (prototype), Nature Essence
Easter Bunny Fun, Target Exclusive
Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra(non-barbie)
Elvis Presley Comeback Series
Elvis Joins The Army (non-barbie)
Elvis King of Rock N Roll 2002(non-barbie)
Embassy Waltz, 3rd Club Members Choice
Emerald Enchantment, Society Style #3, TRU
Empress Bride Mackie l992
Empress Sissy
Enchanted Evening Blonde
Enchanted Evening Brunette
Erika Kane (non-barbie)
Erika Kane Wedding Dress (non-barbie)
Erika Kane, Emmy's #3
Evening Enchantment, JC Penney
Evening Extravaganza, blonde
Evening Pearl, '99 Presidental Porcelain
Evening Sophisticate, Classique

Faberge closeup
Faberge full view
Faberge Imperial Splendor, 2000
Fairy of the Forest
Fairy of the Garden, Enchanted World of Fairies 2001
Fantasy Ball
Fantasy Goddess of the Arctic, Mackie 2001
Far Out
Far Out boxed
Fashion Editor, Fashion Model Collection 2001
Ferrari, LE
Festival Fun Barbie/Kelly, India
Fire, 3rd Nature Essence(lst prototype)
Fire, 3rd Nature Essence
Fire and Ice, Salt Lake City Olympics 2002
Flamingo, Birds of Beauty #2
Flamingo in box
Florida Vacation Ken
Florida Vacation Midge,
Florida Vacation Skipper and Midge
Flower Ballerina from Nutcracker, Ballet Series 2001
Frank Sinatra
French Lady, Great Eras
Fun On Ice Vintage Ken Fashion

Gibson Girl, Great Eras
Glinda, The Good Witch (Oz Series)
Gold, Bob Mackie
Gold Jubilee
Goddess of Africa, Bob Mackie
Goddess of the Americas, Bob Mackie
Goddess of Beauty and Love, 2000
Goddess of Spring, (1st prototype)
GoldNGlamour, 2002
Golden Allure, HSN Excl.
Gone Platinum, 2002
Gone With The Wind, White
Gone With The Wind, White
Gone With The Wind, Red
Grand Entrance, Grand Entrance Series #1 (2001)
Grand Entrance, by Sharon Zuckerman 2002
Gran Gala Teresa
Grand Ole Opry #1 Country Rose,
Grand Ole Opry #2 Rising Star
Grand Ole Opry #3 Barbie & Kenny, Duet
Grande Premiere, 1st Club Exclusive
Great Eras, Flapper
Grecian Goddess, Great Eras
Groovy Sixties, 2000

Hallmark Holiday 1999
Hanae Mori, LE
Happy Halloween Barbie & Ken, Target Spec. Ed
Happy Holidays 1988
Happy Holidays 1989
Happy Holidays 1990
Happy Holidays 1991
Happy Holidays 1992
Happy Holidays 1993
Happy Holidays 1994
Happy Holidays 1995
Happy Holidays 1996
Happy Holidays 1997
Happy Holidays 1998
Harley #1, TRU Exclusive
Harley #2 before hair released
Harley #2 After hair released!
Harley #2 Upclose with her hair released!!
Harley Ken #1, 1999
Harley #3 and Harley Ken #2
Harpist, Angel of Music #1
Heartstring, Angel of Music #2
Holiday Angel 2000
Holiday Celebrations 2000 (lst in series)
Holiday Celebrations 2001 (2nd in series)
Holiday Sisters 2000
Holiday Memories,Hallmark
Hollywood, Mackie 2002
Hollywood Nails (pink box)
Hollywood Premiere, 2000

I Dream of Jeannie, Pop Culture 2001
Ice Breaker, Vintage Fashion
Illusions, Masquerade Gala #1
In The Pink, Fashion Model Series 2001
Iris, 2002

Jewel Essence - Diamond, Mackie
Jewel Essence Ruby, Mackie
Jewel Skating, Walmart '99 Spec. Ed (closeup) Pink box
Jewel Skating, Walmart '99 Spec. Ed (full) Pink box

Kelly - Halloween 2000

Lady Liberty, Bob Mackie 2000
Le Papillion, Mackie
Life Ball Barbie,
(Christian Lacroix is the 1999 designer of the second Life Ball Barbie.)
Lighter Than Air, Porcelain Prima Ballerina
Lucy in Chocolate Factory (non-barbie)

Mackie Misc.
Macy's Anne Klein
Madison Avenue, FAO Excl.
Majestic 2002, FAO Exclusive 140th Anniv Gala $8000 OOAK
Major League Baseball Barbies
Marilyn Monroe Barbies
Marzipan, 3rd Classic Ballet Series
Medieval Lady, Great Eras
Mermaid, LE 2002
MIDGE, 35th Anniversary
Midnight Gala
Midnight Tuxedo, 2001 Club
Midnight Waltz
Millennium Princess Barbie
Millennium Princess Teresa
Millennium Bride 2000
Millennium Bride (also shown with Crystal Jubilee) 1999
Millennium Wedding, 2000
Minnie Mouse Mackie Designs
Mint Memories Porcelain
Modern TNT
Moonlight Waltz

Nascar II, 1999
Neptune, Mackie
Nifty Fifties, 2000
Nolan Miller
Nolan Miller lace differences
Nolan Miller II, Evening Illusions, 1999

Olympic Gymnast (pink box)1996
Opening Night
Orange Pekoe (porcelain), 2nd in series
Orchid, 2002
Oscar De La Renta

Peace and Love 70's, 2001
Peaches and Cream, 1984
Peacock, #1 Birds of Beauty Series
Peter Rabbit (100th anniv), 2002
Pink Ice, TRU Exclusive
Pink Inspiration, TRU
Pink Splendor
Platinum Closeup, Mackie
Platinum, Mackie
Plum Royale
Ponytails, Military Excl
Porcelain Holiday Gift '98
Premiere Night, HSN Excl.
Princess of the French Court, DOTW Princess Series 2001
Princess and the Pea,Princess Series 2001
Publicity Tour, Hollywood Movie Star 2001
Qi-Pao, Spiegel Co.
Queen of Hearts Mackie, Closeup
Queen of Hearts, Mackie

Radiant Rose, TRU excl
Rapunzel 2002
Red Flare Vintage Fashion
Renaissance Snow White, 2000
Rendevous, Masquerade Gala #2
Rendevous closeup
Renoir, 3rd Artist Series
Rockette, FAO Excl.
Romantic Interlude
Romantic Gift Set
Romantic Rose Bride, Porcelain
Romeo & Juliet
Rose, 1st Beauty of Flowers, June 1999
Royal Gala Cinderella

Sapphire Dreams, Society Style #1, TRU
See's Candy Barbie 2000
Serenade in Satin
Silhouette, Avon 2001
Silver Screen, FAO
Silver Screen (doll only)
Singing Holiday Sisters 2000
Sissy Barbie
Sleeping Beauty Barbie
Society Hound, Society Hound Collection 2001
Solo In The Spotlight, Blonde
Solo In The Spotlight, Blonde
Sophisticated Lady, 2000
Sophisticated Elegance, New Classic Couture
Sophisticated Wedding, 2002
Sound of Music, Barbie as Maria
Snow Princess, Enchanted Seasons
Snow White, 5th Childrens Classic Series
Snow White - close-up
Snow White
Sparkle Beauty
Spring in Tokyo
Spring in Tokyo, Vintage - Internet Exclusive
Starlight Dance, Classique Series
Starlight Waltz
Stepping Out - #3 Great Fashions Series
Statue Of Liberty, 2000 FAO Exclusive
Suburban Shopper, Collectors Request, 2001
Sugar Plum Fairy, Ballet Series #1
Summer In Rome,(new 1999)
Summer In SanFransisco, FAO Excl.
Summer Sophisticate, Speigal Excl
Summer Splendor, Enchanted Seasons
Sunflower, #2 Artist Series
Swan Lake, 2002
Sydney 2000 Olympic Pin

Tales of Peter Rabbit, Keepsake Series
The Rose, Flowers in Fashion 2001
The TANGO Porcelain by Bob Mackie
Todd Oldham, 1999
Trend Forecaster, Avail. July 99
50th Anniv. - TRU

Valentine Date (pink box)
Venetian Opulence, 3rd Masquerade Series, 2001
Vera Wang Bride
Vera Wang Salute to Hollywood

Walt Disney, Cinderella - lst in Series
Water Lily, Artist Series
Water Rhapsody
Wedding Day, Blonde
Wedgewood 2000
Western Plains, Lifestyles of the West Collection, avail Aug.l999
Whispering Wind, Essence of Nature #2
Winter Evening, Wholesale Club Excl.
Winter Fantasy, Wholesale Club Excl.
Winter In New York, City Seasons
Winter In Montreal, City Seasons coming 1999
Winter Ride
With Love, Target Valentine
Wizard of Oz Barbies and Kens
Wonder Woman 2000
Working Woman Barbie (1999)
X-files Recalled Version
X-files New Version

Evening Fashion Avenue
International Fashion
International Sea Fashion
Jet Set

Barbie Hat Box Limoge
Barbie Lunch Box Hallmark Ornament
Barbie Beanie, Target Exclusive 2000
Barbie Leather Folio
Bradford 40th Anniv. Plate
Evening Fashion Avenue
Little Debbie Miniature Figurines
Suburban Shopper Figurine
5 Spice Girls (non-barbie)

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