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I stumbled upon this rock in a roadside park.


I told my friend I was going to Hawaii and he informs me of a curse in Hawaii that when people took home rocks from there, they soon returned them because of the bad luck they had encountered. I saw this rock and then knew of what he was referring to.



And at the hotel in Waikiki beach, I noticed an old newspaper article on the wall. It was published in 1982, and had turned a burnt yellow, being on the wall so long. In the article, on the front page, the Governor of Hawaii at the time was discussing the interesting things of Hawaii, and one of the things he mentioned was "strange-looking rocks" found all over Hawaii. He also mentions over the centuries, explorers and adventurers would take some of these strange-looking rocks only to return them later on. It appears if someone take these rocks, some kind of curse occurs and these people return the rocks to relieve themselves from the evil spell. To look at what I saw, look at the photograph of one.



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