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A M I D A ' S   W H E E L
Websites for Wisdom, Compassion & Loving-Kindness

Amida's Wheel is a concept or idea to organize groups of Web Pages, it is not itself an organization by definition. Amida's Wheel is a way to link like pages born out of attempts to organize Amida Trust which is an international non-profit organization chartered in the United Kingdom for the purpose of developing humanitarian projects according to the prinicples of Buddhism. In the first two years of Amida Trust over two hundred members from fifteen countries became involved. However, due to the fact that many countries are involved we have had to address the issue of tax laws which often differ between the various nations.

Amida Trust from the United Kingdom is the "parent" organization which presently has a charter and is recognized as a non-profit charitable organization. On the North American continent Amida West, Inc. is presently in the process of filing the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws which will establish it as a non-profit religious organization recognized by the government of the United States.

As we continue to network and develop internationally we will be bringing in other "sister" organizations which may develop into the fold of Amida Trust. Our work is based on principles of Buddhism. Our goals are to integrate Buddhism into the contemporary world, and work toward addressing issues of human suffering without becoming politically involved or limited to only one system of belief.

Please take some time to view our various web pages. We invite comments, suggestions and will be happy to correspond by e-mail to answer any questions that may come up. We hope you enjoy your tour of Amida's Wheel.

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