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A T-rex 
running towards the Gallimimus


running Gallimimus

Dinosaurs are my favorite animals... if you can consider them so. This page is dedicated to them, and to all of the people who find them.

A running Raptor

A paleontologist, according to Webster, is someone in the branch of geology that studies prehistoric life by the means of fossils. In my words, someone who digs up dinos.

Stegosaurus, my favorite dino

Stegosaurus:Plant eater; had a brain the size of a walnut; had a spiked tail to defend its self

Two Dilophosaurus
Two Dilophosaurus:Meat eaters
Acrocanthosaurus:Meat eater
Dimetrodon:Meat eater

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Did you know... . . . the first known skilled flier was Eoalulavis? Its 115-million-year-old remains were found in Spain. --
National Geographic

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