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Romance Tips

Post-it notes are a great way to let your true love know you love them. You can write all kinds of love notes and then place them all over the place. Like on their bathroom mirror, inside the refrigerator, in their car, in their wallet or purse, on their pillow or maybe inside their favorite book. There are all kinds of places to put them. So make them happy today and start using the Post-it notes in a loving way!

When was the last time you brought flowers to your true love? Whether it is a dozen long stem roses or a mixed bouquet or simply one red rose they will love you for it. Sometimes it is this simplest of gestures that your true love will appreciate the most. It shows you appreciate them and all they do for you. So remember, surprise your true love with some flowers for no better reason than to say I Love You.

Draw her a nice bubble bath. Also, setting out some candles for extra effect is a good touch. Then make sure the bucket of iced bubbly and the reading material is an easy reach. Put the stereo to her favorite station then announce that you are taking the kids for pizza and that you'll be back in a few hours. She'll have the time of her life and really appreciate the gesture, along with the peace and quiet.

Life can be very hectic at times, so take a break and do something for your true love. Go out and get her a bottle of her favorite bubbly, be it champagne, Perrier or sparkling apple juice. Don't forget her favorite gossip magazine or tabloid newspaper, too.

Give your lover a dream trip. It could be to a local hot spot, special event, place or even to a far off place.

Go back to some of the places you and lover frequented together, especially those places from the beginning of your relationship. Beaches, schools (college or even earlier), parks, bars, dance clubs, former residences and restaurants all hold potential.

Put a tape together of love songs that you both hold dear. You can put the tape in the tape deck of your lover's car or give it as a gift. Or simply call your lover at work and play a love song over the telephone or to their answering machine.

An exciting thing on Valentine's Day is getting an anonymous card. Include in the card a mysterious invitation to meet in a specified location.

Wake up early and cook your lover's favorite breakfast dish. Place this dish on a tray with a rose and a Valentine's Day card. Wake your lover and join them for breakfast.

Try a picnic instead of the standard restaurant visit. If you are forced inside try placing a blanket on the floor of your living room. Inside or outside create a romantic atmosphere with food and setting.

A candlelight dinner with wine, as always, is the standard for Valentine's Day. Combine this with some other Valenitne's gestures to make an unforgettable Valentine's dinner.

Make eating Valentine's dinner more romantic by, feeding each other, sharing the same plate, eating something that will eventually lead to a kiss or eating in a sensual way.

Create a game based on questions about your relationship. Give rewards for right answers and accept lovingly the wrong ones. The following are some sample questions you can use:
Where was our first kiss?
Where did we go on our first date?
The first movie we saw together?
The restaurant did we have our first dinner?
The first Valentine's gift I gave to you?
What kind of car did I own when we met?
My telephone number when we first met?
What were you wearing and what was I wearing the first time we met?

Take special effort to broadcast a romantic message on a local radio station. Be sure that your lover is listening to the station and someone is ready to record the message as a keepsake.

Show your love by putting on a private performance for your partner on Valentine's Day. Your performance could be a song, poem, or romantic quote.

Drop by your lovers work unexpectedly with flowers and candy or for lunch. If showing up during the day is not possible try doing it at the end of the work day.

Make a list describing some of the reasons you love your mate. Below are some examples you can use.
Why you love your Valentine
What you like the most about your lover
Let them know how they make you feel
Why your lover is so important to you
Let them know how you appreciate all they do

Fill your lover's day with roses. Place them on the pillow, in the shower, the kitchen table, the car, or any other place they go during the course of the day. At the end of the day treat them to a candle light dinner with a dozen roses or a gift.

Try making a scrapbook that highlights your lives together. Use photos, ticket stubs, personal items and other items symbolic of special events, places and times you spent together.

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Added: January 30, 1999.