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Happy Valentine's Day Rick!
I love you more and more with each passing day.
You make my heart, soul and life complete.

When I Wake Up Each Morning
And See you Next to Me
I Know that My Day Will Be All Right

Sometimes it is hard
to put feelings into words
but I want you to know
how you affect me
When I wake up
and see you in the morning
I am so happy
that we are together
I respect you
I admire you
I love you deeply
When I wake up
each morning
and see you next to me
no matter what happens
I know that my
day will
be all right

~Poem by Susan Polis Schutz~

I Love You,
Even Though Things
Are Not Always Perfect Between Us

No one is perfect
therefore no
relationship can be perfect
Often by seeing
the dry brown petals
in a rose
the vivid red petals
that are so beautiful

At the core of our relationship
there is a very deep respect and love
for one another
so as we continue
to grow and change as individuals
our relationship will continue
to grow stronger
and become more beautiful
I love and appreciate you
so much

~Poem by Susan Polis Schutz~

Our Love
Can Last Forever
if We Both Want It To

I want to have
a lasting relationship
with you
I know that this will mean that
we both must work hard
to please each other
to help each other
to be fair and honest with each other
to accept each other as we really are

Our love can last forever
if we want it to
We both must work hard
to keep our individuality
yet also become one with each other
to remain strong and supportive of each other
in adverse times as well as in good times
to be exciting and interesting
to ourselves and to each other

We both must work hard
to always consider each other
the most important person in the world
to always consider love
the most important emotion
that we can feel
to always consider our relationship
the most serious and significant
union of two people

Even though it may not always be easy
to have a lasting relationship
working hard is very easy
when the results can be
the beauty of a loving and lasting
I love you

Poem by Susan Polis Schutz

I Really Do Love You
Even Though Sometimes
It May Not Seem So

Sometimes it may not seem
that I love you
Sometimes it may not seem
that I even like you
It is at these times
that you really need to
understand me more than ever
because it is at these times
that I love you more than ever
but my feelings have been hurt
Even though I try not to
I know that I am acting cold
and indifferent
It is at these times that I
find it so hard
to express my feelings

Often what you have done to
hurt my feelings is so small
but when you love someone
like I love you
small things become big things
and the first thing I think about
is that you do not love me
Please be patient with me
I am trying to be more honest
with my feelings
and I am trying not to be so sensitive
but in the meantime
I think you should be very confident that
at all times
in every way possible
I love you

~Poem by Susan Polis Schutz~