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My Friends

My friends are like the stars in the sky,
Reaching out whenever I cry.
Wiping the tears off my face,
And putting a smile in its rightful place.
Listening to my complaints and wishes,
Always has time for hugs and kisses.
Someone who feels all my pain,
And then my happiness they try to gain.

My friends are like grains of sand,
Always lending a helping hand.
One by one, they are too small,
But holding together, they make it all.

My friends are like angels from heaven,
Keeping me safe in their outstretched wings.
Guiding me through thick and thin,
Standing by my side forever within.

Together we stand, proud and tall,
When one of us suffers, we all will fall.
When I am weak, they are strong,
And helping me to carry on.

My friends have always been part of my heart,
I don't know if we ever will part.
If our friendship will not last,
I will look at all the good times in the past.

If we ever do part,
I know our friendship will always have a place in my heart.
My friends mean everything to me,
And together we always will be.

~ Author Unknown ~

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