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What Are Dads Good For ?
What Do We Need From Them ?

To love.
To like us.
To be proud of us.
To spend time with us.
To have "a catch" with us.
To help separate us from Mom when we get older.
To hug us without being "wimpy" or "macho" to teach us "guy things."
To model respect of others.
To stand up for our beliefs.
To stand up for themselves.
To be a team-player.
To take a difficult stand alone.
To be political.
To "make it" in the world.
To be determined.
To care.
To lead, guide and teach.
To surrender.
To pray.
To have faith.
To hope.
To lead us out into the world.
To help us to have wisdom.
To like our bodies.
To risk intelligently and wisely.
To find our power.
To use our power respectfully.
To have integrity and honor.
To be able to commit.
To play without always having to win.
To win.
To lose.
To work.
To be with men.
To be with women.
To feel.
To laugh.
To think.
To begin.
To follow-through.
To end.

May These
Special Gifts
Come Your Way
Deep down within.

With each sunrise.

In each facet of your life.

Close and caring friends.

That never ends.

Special memories.
Of all the yesterdays.

A bright today.
With much to be thankful for.

A path.
That leads to beautiful tomorrows.

That do their best to come true.
And appreciation.
Of all the wonderful things about you.

~ Collin McCarty ~

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