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Blessed be to you,
My name is Adrain White and I live in the great state of Texas, home of our president.  I am a registered nurse with several certificates and advanced degrees.  I have work in almost every part of nursing
at one time or another. I spent my life helping people, but  I am now retired.  Sometimes I wonder when I had time to work.  Anyway, I am married with one child.  I have a wonderful understanding wife that tolorates this old grouchy man. My daughter is about to enter college and plans to be a nurse also..  I was 38 when she was born and it has been a challenge.

I spend a lot of time doing volunteer work for organizations and their youth groups.  I grew up very poor in the city.  I spent a lot of my time at the YMCA.  There were a lot of volunteers that kept us kids out of trouble.  Now I am repaying that debt.

This is where I use donated money not used in your spell.  Last summer I paid for swimming lessions for several children from a local orphanage.  I also purchased baseball equipment for a little league team.  Sometime I purchase food for those who are in need.
So, if you can please send a generous donation.  I promise it will go to good use and not be used personaly
A Picture Of Me
My Beautiful Only Child
My Wonderful & Patient Wife