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Mother Earth And Our Spiritual Being Will Protect Us
Blessed Be To Our Wonderful Nation Of America.
Freedom Reigns Strong & True
Please read all of this information before you go away. This is for real!  My name Is Adrain White. This is my life; I practice a Christian based religion along with the spiritual energy from Mother Earth. It's a powerful concept in tune with the earth, nature, and the spirit world. A true religion in belief of a higher order other than man himself.

I have studied and practiced this all my life and I have the ability to cast "spells" needed for help in everyday life using the spirit world and Mother Earth. I use and practice these spells every day of my life. 

If you have a problem in life, I can cast a spell in tune with nature and the  spirit world that will grant your need.  Send me a description of your life need along with a small personal item and I can help you. Any personal item will work, a lock of hair, a piece of clothing, etc. but a picture works best.. I will need an item on each person you want to help.  I
CAN NOT cast spells thru e-mail, I must have the personal items and a hand written letter  describing your exact need. These items will have the essence of the aura each of us possesses.

I do NOT cast "Black" or bad spells because my goal is to help people; however, I do cast spells for justice for people who have been wronged if I feel it is really & truely justified, but you must contact me first.

I do not ask for payment for my services; however, I do ask for a donation to help defray the cost of materials needed to cast your spell. These items are expensive and keep going up in price. People who offer help like psychics or mystics, should never ask for payment.  If they demand payment, they are not for real.  However, most "real" people who do offer help, will ask for a volunteer donation.  They must to help pay expenses.  Think of it as tipping.  A person tips for services given.  Plus, I am retired and live on a fixed income and can't afford all the materials needed without help.

All money not used will be donated to the American Legion & Elk's Lodge Youth Programs.  Although in the last year, people are not donating and I did not received enough to keep up the supply demand.

I take my work seriously. Some of you may think this is a bunch of nonsense; believe me it is not. As an example, go to New Orleans and ask anyone if they think  Voodoo is fake. Believe me, you will find few who think so. I do not practice Voodoo (a black art). I practice Wicca which is just as powerful but centered on nature's natural forces in tune with the earth,
NOT black art.

If you have questions,
feel free to E-mail(address at bottom of the page), but please do not
send useless dribble.

This is my postal address:

Adrain White
P.O. Box 921
Lyford, TX 78569

Please give me a try.You won't be disappointed!!

Look at the burning candle.  Remember there is always a light at the end of the long tunnel.  All things will pass and faith in the spitit of Mother Earth and the Devine being can help all.
Below you will find links for E-mail and sending me your "Letter" to have a spell cast on your behalf.  There are other links for the rest of my web site also.  Please check them out.

I answer all E-mail as soon as I can.  I have an older parent that requires a lot of my time, so please be patient.  I will answer you.

There is a "NOTICE" section at the bottom of the page.  Please read for any new information or if I am away from home.

DO NOT send me "attachments" in you E-mail.  They will be auto deleted due to receiving too many viruses that have crashed my computer.  There are a lot of mean people in the world
Notice Section Please Read

If you E-mailed me in the last few weeks, I have been sick, but I'm now home and will be answwering all your E-mails ASAP. Please reE-mail your questions.

For those of you that know me, understand I do a lot of charity work with children.  The money I don't use in materials casting your spell goes to this cause.  During the last year, I received less than $500 in total donations.  This isn't even enough to keep up with the material need.  Please find it in your heart to send a donation so I can continue my work. Our children are our future.  I now live on a fixed income and spend all I can, but you can help too..  Check the information Edited 11/05/03 page.
This is a replica of our Mother Earth and the flags of the freedom loving people of the world
Please check out this page listed below and pass it and this site on to others.  We need and must protect our world.

I have redesigned this page. Let me know what you think!
To Those skeptics out there, I promise this is real and not a scam. Try Me!!
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