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Adrain White's
"A Look At Evil"
These two pictures are the face of evil.
This is the angel of "Mother Earth" Fighting the face of evil.
Click on the picture to here sound..
Our nation has suffered a great loss.  But we are strong and "Mother Earth" will fight evil until is is wiped out.

This is why I do volunteer work with children.  They need to know that the world is OK and that evil will be vanquished.

If you are able, please send a donation even if you don't me to cast a spell for you.  I promise you that NO money will be used for personal use.  It all goes to work in several children programs.

Evil is reigning on this earth.  Christians call this the "DEVIL" and the earth is his playground.  Think about it, there have been billions of people who have lived and died on this earth.  A lot of them were not nice people when they were alive.  Their souls still survive and are evil's army.  We must fight this evil in any small way we can.

Volunteering Is one of the ways I fight evil.
Please send a donation.  The kids need it and it will go to a good cause.
Never forget this!! 
This is evil at work
This is for all that suffer and will continue to suffer the rest of their lives.