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Adrain White's Mail Page
Below if information on sending
"E-mail" or "Your letter to me"
Well if you are this far into my website, you are showing a real interest.  I will do all I can to help you.  Please send me a letter explaining your situation along with a small personal item and a picture.  These items will not be returned because they are used in the ritual when casting your spell.

Please include a donation.  Materials used to cast your spell is expensive and a lot of the stuff I have to get by mail order.  The prices are high and keep going up.

Any money I don't use in casting your spell is used in youth programs.  I use NO money for personal use.  If you can, please be generous in your donation.  The kids really need it.  "Go to Information About me" for further info on this.

Due to so many people sending me "hot" checks, please send cash or a money order
in US funds
My Postal Address:

Adrain White
P.O. Box 921
Lyford, Texas 78569