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Welcome to my genealogy homepage! I have been interested in genealogy for about
12 years. I am a native Texan and love living among the pine trees. Yes, Texas
has trees. I live in the part that is hilly and has trees, flowers and greenery
everywhere you look. We have hot summers and mild winters. If you can't take the 
heat, don't come to Texas in the summer!

My grandmother was a Welsh and I have heard many stories through the years about
her family. I would love to know more about them and where they originally came
from. The first Welsh I know about is my gggrandfather, William Welsh.
He was born in 1802 in Lancaster Co., South Carolina and died in 1877 in Lee Co.,
Alabama. He was married twice, first to Susannah Chester and 
second to Victoria P. Justice. 

William Welsh's marriage to Susannah Chester
lasted until her death in 1861. During their marriage they had 14 children: 
William Henry, William Anderson, Henry P., Asa M., Howell Marion,
(my ggrandfather), Elizabeth C., Martha Jane, Sarah Ann, Eliza Ann, 
Nancy C., Mary C., John McFearcen, Robert L. and Betty Levinia.

William Welsh remarried after Susannah Chester's
death to Victoria P. Justice in 1862. Together they had 4 
children: Thomas Jefferson, Lena Victoria, Annie L. and Camilla.

William Welsh was said to be a well educated man and it appears
that he owned quite a bit of property. I was fortunate enough to have communicated
with one of his granddaughters and was able to learn more about him personally.

If you have any information on William Welsh & Susannah Chester,
please contact me. I will be happy to share any information I have on them, also.

For my Welsh genealogy and pictures, please see my 
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