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Usher's bio!

"Im definitely older now. I'm a lot more mature," the soft-spoken Usher says,"I've taken my steps to manhood."
Stage name: Usher
Real name: Raymond Usher the fourth
Age: 18 years old
Born: 1979
Place of birth: Chattanooga, TN
Other residencies: Moved to Atlanta at age of 12
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite food: soul food
shoe size: 13
Father: not involved in his life
Brother:James, age 13, ( vocal talent unknown)
Mother: Jonetta Patton "J-Pat"
Usher says his mother works as his manager so she can "watch her baby grow."
Usher's mom is the most important woman in his life now, and he thinks very highly of her. His mom introduced him to the world of singing at the age of 6, where he sang in the church choir.
Usher says:
"My mother is a great mother. No one can really understand the relationship we have," he says, "My mother is a friend over a manager. She's always been there for me.....My mother did whatever it took"
Community work: Usher does charity work, and is interested in children orranization, including the Boys & Girls Club , which he attended when he was younger.
"Like every chance I get, I sit down with the kids, I play basketball with them, talk to them. I encouraged them to stay at the Boys & Girls Club. I tell them 'Do what you got to do' (to succeed). I'm always going to encourage you."
"This is just the beginning," says Usher enthusiastically, "I'm only 18 years old. I feel I've accomplished so much already, but I still have my whole life ahead of me and much more to fo. I'm learnig to play instruments, I want to get into acting....... (we've all seen him on Moesha). I'm open to do so much."