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Me And You

You was once a voice at the end of the phone.
Someone to talk to when i was scared and alone.
Text in the room was all i knew
and a little picture that represented you.

WE chatted and teased all through the night
about things that we did
and things that we liked

We sat and typed till the night had past.
And i was thinking to myself i hope this will last.
i looked outside and there i saw dawn
and knew if i logged off you would be gone.

But i said my goodbyes.
And kneeled down to pray
that you would be back the very next day

You did little things to let me see
that you was really the right one.
The right one for me

We was talking and smiling
and things went to hell.
You vanished you poofed,
not even an email.

Well i didnt see you for almost a yr.
I laffed and i cried and shed many of tear.
But I looked up and you had appeared.

Well we talked for awhile
And things went right.
Now i dont have to log on
To kiss you goodnight!!!!!!

just me ......TC