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28th Texas Cavalry

General Horace Randal

28th Texas Cavalry The 28th Cavalry Regiment was organized August 1,1862, by Colonel Horace Randal. It was originally formed with about 1,000 men and twelve companies, but one company was transferred to the 19th Texas Infantry Regiment in 1864. The volunteers were from Anderson, Cherokee, Fairfield, Freestone, Harrison, Houston, Panola, Polk, Rusk, Shelby, Smith, and Wood counties. The unit was dismounted in September 1862 and assigned to Polignac's, Randal's, and Maclay's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department. The regiment was active in Arkansas and Louisiana. They saw heavy fighting at Mansfield, Pleasant Hill and Jenkins' Ferry. The field officers were Colonel Eli H. Baxter and Colonel Horace Randal, Lieutenant Colonel Henry G. Hall, and Major Patrick Henry. The 28th Cavalry was sent to Shreveport, Louisiana, in July 1862 where they remained until July 18, 1862. The regiment was brigaded with the 11th Texas Infantry, the 14th Texas Infantry, the 15th Texas Infantry, and the 6th Texas Cavalry Battalion, in September 1862. Colonel Randal became commander of the brigade, and Lt. Colonel Eli H. Baxter, Jr. became commander of the 28th Texas Cavalry. In December 1862, the regiment joined Walker's Texas Division as the 2nd Brigade. In the fall of 1863, Randal's brigade participated operations in Alexandria, Louisiana. In March through April 1864, the regiment participated in the Red River Campaign and fought at the battles of Mansfield on April 8, and Pleasant Hill on April 9, 1864. The 28th Texas lost 20 killed and 40 wounded at the Battle of Jenkins' Ferry on April 30, 1864. The brave General Horace Randal was mortally wounded and died on 2 May 1864. On 3 May 1864, in a letter to the soldiers of the Trans-Mississippi Department by General E. Kirby Smith, “Once more in the hour of victory we are called upon to mourn the heroic dead. Generals W. R. Scurry and Horace Randal have fallen upon the field of honor. At Jenkins' Ferry they offered themselves up precious victims on the altar of liberty. Mouton and Green are gone; Scurry and Randal have followed on the same glorious path. Be it ours to emulate their virtues and valor, and to act as men not unworthy to associate with such heroes. The colors of their respective brigades will be draped in mourning for thirty days”. The 28th Texas Cavalry was surrendered in Austin, Texas in May 1865.


Organization as of August 1, 1862

Field and Staff
Colonel Horace Randal
Lt. Colonel Eli H. Baxter, Jr.
Major Henry Gerard Hall
Surgeon Leonard Randal
Assistant Surgeon William P. Smith
Adjutant George T. Howard
Quartermaster Alfred M. Truitt
Commissary John A. Harris
Chaplain Frank J. Patillo

Company A (Shelby County)

Captain Levi M. Truitt
1st Lt. James M. Clardy
2nd Lt. Thomas J. Todd
2nd Lt. Samuel C. Heath

Company B (Cherokee County)

Captain Patrick Henry
1st Lt. Allen Jones
2nd Lt. James R. Rowe
2nd Lt. J. C. Clark

Company C (Panola County)

Captain A. W. DeBerry
1st Lt. P. W. Clements
2nd Lt. David N. Walker
2nd Lt. John O. Thomas

Company D (Rusk, Smith, and Wood Counties)

Captain Martin V. Smith
1st Lt. Edward W. Cade
2nd Lt. John R. Scales
2nd Lt. Frank M. Hays

Company E (Cherokee County)

Captain Orlands M. Doty
1st Lt. W. J. Thompson
2nd Lt. W. D. Wolfe
2nd Lt. S. G. Wolfe

Company F (Harrison County)

Captain Phil Brown
1st Lt. Theophilus Perry
2nd Lt. James S. Wagnon
2nd Lt. Rene Fitzpatrick, Jr.

Company G (Anderson County)

Captain William H. Tucker
1st Lt. William B. Key
2nd Lt. W. F. Roberts
2nd Lt. George B. Campbell

Company H (Freestone County)

Captain J. C. Means
1st Lt. L. J. Hale
2nd Lt. Jesse Sheffield
2nd Lt. W. A. Cobb

Company I (Houston County)

Captain John A. McLemore
1st Lt. William R. Vaughn
2nd Lt. Charles Stokes
2nd Lt. James L. Hallmark

Company K (Panola, Shelby Counties)

Captain Pat H. Martin
1st Lt. Marion T. Haskins
2nd Lt. William Neal Ramey
2nd Lt. James M. Trosper

Company L (Houston County)

Captain David A. Nunn
1st Lt. Henry G. McDaniel
2nd Lt. A. H. Casteel
2nd Lt. W. J. Foster

Company M (Polk County)

Captain L. B. Wood
1st Lt. William Harrison
2nd Lt. F. N. Jones
2nd Lt. John F. Sharp

Compiled by M. Jane Johansson, author of PECULIAR HONOR: A HISTORY OF THE 28TH TEXAS CAVALRY, 1862-1865. Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1998.

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