Samuel Hiram Levinston

LEVINGSTON, SAMUEL HIRAM, “SHIP CARPENTER”, (Plot 2; Evergreen Cemetery), Born: October 15, 1830. Deceased: September 11, 1911. Enlisted in the service of the Confederate States of America, in March, 1861, and served “Honorably” as a “Private” in “Merriman’s” Orange County “Coast Guard”, “Merriman’s Company”, “Local Defense Troops”, C.S.A. Cotton Clad Confederate Paddle Wheel Gunboats. He was detailed as “Ship Carpenter” by General P. O. Hisbert. He helped build the ram on C.S.A. Gunboat “Mississippi” at New Orleans, Louisiana, where he went on military orders and afterwards continued on different boats as “Ship Carpenter” and on special duty. He was “Honorably” discharged from said Confederate service in June, 1865, by the “disbanding” of the “Marine Department of Texas”. At which time he held the rank of “Carpenter subject to order from the Marine Department”. ( Obtained from “Southern Cross of Honor” application…his writing). He applied for a Confederate Pension from the State of Texas.

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