Regimental Staff


Colonel James H. Fannin
Lieutenant Colonel J. J. Neely
Major John W. Parks
Captain Andrew Morris
Assistant Medical Officer A. S. James
Surgeon F. J. Wells
Surgeon J. E. McMillan
Assistant Surgeon W. B. Harrison
David Adams
D. Allgood
A. Brunsen
W. D. Busbin  - 16 years old – from Carroll County, Georgia
Edward Carroll
William Carroll
T. J. Cunningham
G. D. Felder
R. L. Marshall
C. H. Maxwell
G. Raymond 

This is a list of the men who made up the regimental staff of the 1st Georgia Reserves.  It included the line officers (Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, etc.), medical staff, quartermaster (in charge of food & clothing), ordinance officer (in charge of weapons & ammunitions), assistant adjutant general (in charge of records), chaplain, clerks and orderlies.   Rank has been included where known.   This is a “works in progress” site and will be corrected, revised and updated as new data is obtained.   If you know any of these men or have any further knowledge of their military records and/or pension application, I would appreciate hearing from you.    Please contact me at: