Biographical Sketch of Colonel James H. Fannin


In 1862, James H. Fannin organized Company B of the 60th Georgia Regiment but did not enter service with it.

There are two letters on file at the Archives in Atlanta, Georgia recommending James H. Fannin for the post of Colonel of the 1st Georgia Reserves and reads as follows:

LETTER 1:  (written to General P.G.T. Beauregard)

     Department of South Carolina and Georgia.
            Charleston,  November 26………1862.


 I have the honor to recommend Mr. James Fannin of Troup Co. Georgia for an appointment in the Quartermaster or Commissary Dept.     Mr. Fannin is a planter and is thoroughly acquainted with the state, with its people & resources.   He is a man of intelligence & integrity & I am satisfied would make a zealous & competent officer.   He was for several years an Engineer of the Vicksburg & Shreveport RR in charge of construction.  He would before this have been in service but being physically weak could not endure the hardships of the field.  Hoping you will join me in recommending Mr. Fannin…..
     I remain, General
     Your friend and servant,
Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard
…?… Dept. of Ga. & S.C.

LETTER 2:   (written to James A. Seddon, Confederate Secretary of War from Benjamin Harvey Hill, Georgia Statesman, Congressman & Political Leader.)

        La Grange, Ga.
        Dec. 14th, 1862.


 I take pleasure in recommending Mr. James H. Fannin for any position in the Quarter Master or Commissary Department.  I have known Mr. F. for many years and entertain no doubt that the recommendation which he holds from Gen. Beauregard is fully merited and his appointment will meet the full expectations of the Department.

     Very …..& Respectfully,
     B. H. Hill

…?.. J. A. Seddon
Sec. Of War

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