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Campbell Wallace

Campbell Wallace was born in Tennessee about 1828. In 1850 22-year-old Campbell, a teacher, and his 23-year-old brother Joseph Wallace were living in Cherokee County, Texas, with the family of Green Berry and Sarah D. Smyth Wallace, probably their aunt and uncle, who had moved in the early 1840s from Alabama to Cherokee County, where they helped establish Pine Town between Rusk and Palestine. Campbell met Catherine Edgar, also born about 1828 in Tennessee, while their families were en route to Texas, and they married on January 19, 1854. The young couple bought a farm and lived near their families. In 1860 Campbell and Catherine J. Wallace had the following children: daughters Henrietta E., 6, and Margaret J., 3; and son A. D., 1.

Campbell enlisted in the Confederate Army on April 7, 1862, at age 34. He served under Capt. Bonner, Company C, 18th Texas Infantry. The F. E. Sherman family have letters Campbell wrote to his wife describing "the long marches and hardships as well as his illness (dysentery and chills) that kept him from getting to Vicksburg....One can sense the grief he felt while being away from his family, yet he tried to assure his wife the war would end soon and he would be home." Unfortunately, Campbell and his brother-in-law, Will Craig, were captured June 15, 1863, at Richmond, Louisiana, and sent to Alton Prison, where Campbell died of pneumonia on February 12, 1864. Will Craig would return home, "convinced that Campbell could have lived if he had been given the proper care."


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