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"streets paved with gold"

ďAnd the street of the city was pure goldÖĒ  (Revelation 21:21, NASB)

Context Revelation 21

Why did God pave Heavenís streets with gold?Itís easy to view it as extravagance.However, a cousin-in-law who works with road construction had interesting insight about paving material in road construction.He noted that people are always trying to use discarded material for paving roads.People have even tried mixing cow manure into asphalt to make it go further.During the first century, people would throw salt that lost its flavor out on the path (Matthew 5:13).Perhaps the real reason God paved the streets with gold is to show us how worthless gold is in Heaven.It is discarded and used to pave the streets.The item thatís the master of many on earth will be stepped on in Heaven (Matthew 6:24).

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